Pinterest Can Ease Your Holiday Stress

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Pinterest Sticker IconThe holidays are widely considered the most stressful time of year. Only the strongest make it throught the season unscathed, while the rest seek refuge from the seasonal mania in bars and anxiety prescriptions. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all in quick succession is enough to crack the most resilient. The news reports from Black Friday make it seem as though you are lucky to get through it without being involved in a fight over the new XBox.

Worst of all, the holidays are still far from over. Christmas is still a week away, and there is always the New Year to celebrate. But, you don’t have to turn to alcohol or pill bottles to relieve the stress of the holiday season. According to a new study, relief is as close-by as your smartphone.

The study released earlier this month by Lab42, a next generation market research firm, claims that 92 percent of Pinterest users claim the site single-handedly makes the holidays less stressful. It is so effective, 27 percent went as far as claiming the site makes the holidays “much less stressful”.

How is a simple pin-board style website such a relief during the season? It seems users are treating it as a one-stop shop for all of their home holiday needs, and keeping everything organized through the season.

The main way Pinners are using the site to ease their stress is by collecting new recipe ideas for their holiday feasts with their family. In fact, 83 percent of users are planning their meals with the help of the site. Many are also taking advantage of the ability to share gift (74%) and holiday decoration ideas (64%).

It actually makes a lot of sense that Pinterest is seen as such a stress easer this time of year. With so much to plan and organize, having a single site which allows you to browse and collect everything in one place makes the whole process much easier.

With the new introduction of Pinterest ads, there is a serious chance next year will result in huge rewards for any advertisers who invest in exposing their brand on such a popular holiday resource.

Pinterest Holiday Infographic

Source: Lab42

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