So Paul Christoforo and Ocean Marketing have gone viral.  But even though they say bad marketing is good marketing, I think this particular instance is an example of bad marketing being bad marketing.

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As I mentioned before, Google Gaydar was a “feature” that came from the search engine that wasn’t announced, but did catch the attention of many when it was noticed.  This feature is part of a new adjustment to Google’s services, called by most: Google Best Guess.

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Yes, that title is correct.  Google has not made any announcement that I’ve heard about regarding this, but you can actually type a query into the search engine to find out what Google’s “gaydar” has determined.

Here’s my test of the latest Google Gaydar functionality:

Google Gaydar

So there you have it.  Perhaps it’s accurate, perhaps it’s something one of the developers put in as an easter egg that got discovered, perhaps it’ll be gone tomorrow.  But for right now it’s yet another Google tool that can be used freely from your computer.

It’s probably still in beta, though.

In the effort to get links and spread word of your business online, many people can get a bit overzealous.  Ryan Sammy put together an excellent list detailing the 7 deadly sins of content promotion.  I’ve summarized them here, with my own input on it.

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So I was up late and had YouTube going.  Noticed a funky little button to the bottom right.  “1911?  What’s that mean?”  So I clicked it, of course.  And it’s awesome.  I highly recommend you try it out.  Especially their review on the best viral pictures from 100 years ago.

Just a quick post to give a notice of one of Google’s fun additions to their sites.  Aside from their open position for autocompleters, of course.

When working on a business, sometimes you get a bit sidetracked and don’t always keep up with some things.  In this case, it’s been the blog.  However, the site has a new look to it, and with it, some changes are to be made.

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