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Many businesses think of marketing as the act of choosing where to advertise and hoping for the best. They find a marketing company, tell them what they want to advertise for, then wait for the company to put together the ad, the message, and the target audience. Then they cross their fingers and wait to see if it was a waste of money or if it worked this time.

The problem with this is that most marketing companies do not know what works. They put up a “clever” message, something humorous, cute, or sexy, then push money towards this until they get responses. It is brute force advertising and the chance of it working effectively is like rolling dice.

If you’re not a fan of gambling on your odds with advertisements, then we can help you get some real results with full marketing. We will talk with you to find out details about your company and the people you are trying to reach. We will know what to do and why it will work, more than just an act of “let’s try another ad to see if this one works”.

Send us one of your previous ads and we will tell you how effective it was, what you did that could be improved and how you could have improved it. To get this free ad review, just sign up for your Free Marketing Leverage Analytics (MLA) on this page. Or choose the question in the links above that best fits what you are looking for and click on it – we will show you what steps to take to get some real results.

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