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Everything You Need To Know About Canonical URLs And Your Google Rankings

Every brand wants to put their best foot forward. If you want to do that online, you need to understand what canonical URLs are. So, today we are going to talk a bit about what canonical URLs are, why your pages may have a canonical version,…
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What’s The Deal With TikTok and Congress?

This week, the United States House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to ban TikTok unless its owner, Chinese company ByteDance, gives us control of the company. While this does not mean the wildly popular social network is banned yet,…
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Apple Wants To Charge You To Boost Facebook and Instagram Posts

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Apple is poised to attach a fee when advertisers boost posts on Facebook or Instagram iOS apps, but Meta is offering a loophole.
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Google Blocked 45% More Fake Reviews In 2023 With New Algorithm

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Thanks to a new review algorithm, Google says it has become better and faster at identifying fake reviews.

New Social Media Survey Gives Insights To Reach Your Audience

YouTube and Facebook may still be the most widely used social media platforms by adults, TikTok is continuing to grow significantly.

Google To Replace a Core Web Vital Ranking Signal In March

Google is replacing the First Input Delay Core Web Vital with the newer Interaction to Next Paint signal on March 12.
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What’s Changing The Updated SEO Starter Guide From Google?

Google is planning to update its SEO Starter Guide, and now we have an idea what type of changes will be made in the new version.

LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Articles For Brands

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LinkedIn is introducing a new feature called Sponsored Articles that allows brands to turn articles they publish on the site into ads that will reach wider audiences. The goal is to provide a way for users to engage with sponsored content…
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TikTok Continues to Become a Search Engine Alternative

New research from Adobe indicates that more and more people are turning to TikTok to find information, music, recipes, and other things we used to rely on traditional search engines for.