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Facebook Updates How It Ranks Comments

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Facebook is making some changes to how it handles comments in its algorithm to better promote real discussion. Everyone knows that Facebook uses an algorithm to help sort which posts get shown to users, but you may not be aware that the social…
Slow Google Indexing

Google's Martin Splitt Says JavaScript Can Slow Your SEO

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Thanks to its high-level of adaptability, JavaScript (JS) has been in use in some shape or form for more than 20 years and remains one of the most popular programming languages used to build websites. However, Google’s Martin Splitt, a…

Google is Releasing a Huge Search Ranking Algorithm Update

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Google is in the process of rolling out a significant update to its broad search engine algorithm which appears to be having a big impact on search results. The company announced…

High-Ranking Websites on Google Fail on Accessibility Tests

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A new study suggests that although highly ranking sites on search engines may be optimizing for search engines, they are failing to make their sites accessible to a large number of actual people - specifically, those with visual impairments.…

Google will index all new sites using the mobile-first index starting July 1

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This week, Google announced it will begin adding new websites to its mobile-first index by default beginning July 1. However, older sites that have yet to be added to the mobile-first index will still be exempt until they are updated to be mobile-friendly.…

LinkedIn begins showing all your ads from the last 6 months in one place

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LinkedIn will begin showing all the sponsored content an advertiser has run within the past six months in an “Ads” tab on the associated LinkedIn pages. The company announced the change this week as part of an effort to bring more transparency…
Confused Small Business Owner

Half of Small Businesses Have No Marketing Plan

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A new study focusing on small businesses in the US reveals that a huge number of small brands are working without any sort of plan for their marketing. The survey from Outbound Engine asked 350 small and medium business (SMB) owners about…

Google Reveals New Ways to Advertise at Marketing Live 2019

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This week Google held its annual Marketing Live event to reveal the latest innovations in online advertising, and the latest ad units aim to provide a more consistent experience across all of Google’s advertising platforms while also introducing…

Facebook Introduces Three New Ranking Factors For Videos

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Facebook is making big changes to how it ranks and shows videos in the news feed and “More Videos” section of its platform with three new ranking factors for videos.  While the changes shouldn’t impact the number of videos Facebook…