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Huge Redesign Introduces LinkedIn Stories, Video Chat Integration, and Messaging Tools

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After months of testing, LinkedIn Stories are offocially coming to the professional social network, along with a number of other features.

Update - TikTok To Remain on US App Stores Through September 27th

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It is official. TikTok will be formally banned from Android and iOS within the United States starting Sunday, September 20, 2020.

Safe Shopping Made Easier With Google

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Google is making several tweaks to its shopping-related search results to make it easier to find the products you want locally and choose the pickup method you are most comfortable with.

Introducing Google's Take On TikTok - YouTube Shorts

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Google is testing the waters of short-form videos with YouTube Shorts - a new platform similar to the popular but controversial TikTok
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Introducing Fundo - Google's Monetized Virtual Event Platform

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Google is unveiling a new service called Fundo which helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives hold and monetize video events.

Google Ads To Start Hiding "Insignificant" Data On Search Term Reports

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Google Ads is reducing the amount of information it provides advertisers according to recent alerts many account managers have seen in the past week. The company says it will soon stop giving advertisers data about search queries triggered…

LinkedIn Creates New Ways To Stay Connected

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LinkedIn is expanding its features to help business owners and employees feel more connected even though they may be working from home.

Using Carousels Drives The Most Engagement on Instagram [Study]

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A new study of over 22 million Instagram posts suggests Carousels are the key to success on the platform, rather than posting single photos or videos at a time.  The findings come from Socialinsider’s recent report, which found posts…

TikTok Reveals It Has 100 Million Active Monthly US Users

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As part of an ongoing legal battle with the United States government, TikTok has revealed its total number of active users for the first time ever.