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Google Ads Tests Using Favicons To Make Ads Standout

Google Ads is testing including small favicons next to links in ads shown on search results.

Instagram Subscriptions Introduces a New Way To Monetize Your Social Media

Instagram Subscriptions promises creators on the platform a new way to make a regular income from their biggest fans.

Google Business Profiles Adds New Delay Before Managers Can Access Accounts

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Google Business Profiles (formerly called Google My Business) has added a new waiting period for new profile managers or owners when they have been added to an account.

LinkedIn To Test Audio-Only Virtual Events

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With new data showing that LinkedIn’s virtual events are experiencing a surge in participation, the company announced it is testing audio-only events.

Google Reveals It Has Two Ways To Crawl Web Pages

Google's John Mueller recently disclosed that Google has two distinct ways to crawl web pages.
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Best Buy Launches Its Standalone Online Ads Service

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Best Buy is taking a page from the playbooks of Google and Amazon, announcing this week that it has launched its own service to sell online ads.

Facebook To Limit Ads Targeting Medical, Religious, and Political Data

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After years of criticism around Facebook ad targeting, Meta says it will be restricting the ability to target individuals based on sensitive information, such as their health conditions, religion, or political beliefs.
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TikTok Takes The Top Spot As Most Popular Site of 2021

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Step aside Google, there’s a new top domain around the world. For 2021, TikTok is the top site based on internet traffic.

Case Study Makes It Clear: Links Still Matter For Online Rankings

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A recent experiment from Ahrefs underscores the continued importance of links for online rankings and traffic.