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LinkedIn Updates Its Search Engine and More

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LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen shares updates about the latest improvements to the platform’s search engine, accessibility features, and the content brands can share in feeds.

Google My Ad Center Gives You New Control Over The Ads You See

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Google is giving users more significant power than ever to control what ads they see. As announced at the annual I/O Summit conference (and reported by Greg Finn), this will be done by launching a new and improved My Ad Center feature that…
Image Optimization Banner

Google’s 6 Tips For Optimizing Online Images

Here are 6 ways to guarantee your website loads quickly without compromising on including high-quality images.
What Is Keyword Research Banner

What Is SEO Keyword Research?

The idea behind keyword research has always been basically the same. The practice is all about identifying the actual keywords people are using to find your website.

What Happens When You Pay For SEO Links?

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Today, I wanted to highlight a step-by-step example of what happens when you pay for SEO links and why.

Google Multisearch Lets You Search With Pictures and Text at the Same Time

Multisearch, Google's latest search innovation, lets you combine text and pictures in one search to find exactly what you're looking for.
Out of Stock Products and SEO Banner

Do Out-of-Stock Product Pages Hurt Your Google Rankings?

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Product pages may receive a temporary reduction in their visibility in Google search results if the product is listed as out of stock.
Google Shopping

Provide Google-Quality Search Results On Your E-Commerce Site

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Google is offering a new solution for e-commerce brands interested in improving their site’s search capabilities.

Google's Trusted Store Badge Is Appearing On Free Product Listings

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Google is finally adding its coveted Trusted Store badge to free shopping listings in search results, making it easier for reliable retailers to stand out.