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Online Retailers Get New Ways To Showcase Their Products On Google

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Right in time for the Back to School shopping season, Google is rolling out three new updates to its shopping tools for online retailers.
Google Search Rankings

Google Says It Will Start Explaining Its Specific Search Result Rankings

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Google is rolling out a new expansion to its “About this result” feature which will explain why the search engine chose a specific result.
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Twitter Shuts Down 'Fleets' Just 9 Months After Launch

Twitter is saying goodbye to Fleets, its take on the popular Story format across most popular social networks, after launching the feature just nine months ago.

New Facebook Group Experts Provide An Opportunity To Establish Your Authority

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A new update gives Facebook Groups the ability to tag Subject Matter Experts, which comes with a fancy badge and a few neat perks.

YouTube Launches “New To You” Feeds To Help Creators Reach New Audiences

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YouTube announced that it is introducing an entirely new feed to the front page of its mobile app to help users find content they’ve never seen before.

TikTok Triples Its Maximum Video Length

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TikTok announced this week that it is extending the maximum length of videos on its platform, tripling the limit from sixty seconds to three minutes.

The Head of Instagram Declares "We're No Longer a Photo Sharing App"

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In a video shared across social media recently, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, emphatically stated that the social network is about more than just sharing pictures.
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How To Get Google to Index Your New Content Faster, According to Google

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In a recent AskGooglebot session, John Mueller explained why it can take a while for Google to index new content and how to speed it up.
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More Than 100k Google Web Stories Get Shared Every Day

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Google’s take on the popular Story format hit a big milestone, as the company recently reported more than 100,000 new Web Stories are getting added to the search index every day.