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Yelp Releases New Features Just For Services Businesses

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Yelp is releasing a slew of new features for services businesses, like custom search filters, new ways to drive reviews, Project Cost Guides, and ads themed around what makes your brand great.
Google Search Rankings

Google's John Mueller Clarifies - Price Is Not a Ranking Factor, Except When It Might Be

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Google's John Mueller says price isn't a ranking signal for traditional search results, but may be elsewhere.

Google Shares The Biggest Halloween Trends For 2021

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Google is sharing the biggest search trends related to Halloween 2021, including the most popular scary movies, haunted houses, trending costumes, pumpkin patches, and more.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Apologize For and Explain Extended Outage

After being offline for more than six hours on October 4, Facebook is explaining what happened and apologizing to users.

Google Radically Redoes Its Search Engine With The MUM Algorithm

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Google says it is going to be radically updating its search engine by integrating its new “MUM” algorithm into its systems.

Preview New Facebook Tools and Features For Marketing Your Business

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Facebook teased a number of new features it is working on to help brands better connect with their customers and drive more leads across its platforms.

How Does YouTube Choose Which Videos to Recommend?

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YouTube VP of Engineering, Cristos Goodrow, recently went in-depth to explain for the first time exactly how YouTube's recommended video algorithms work.

LinkedIn Finally Lets Brands Publish Long-Form Content and More

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LinkedIn is launching new ways for brands to publish content on the platform, including removing character restrictions on posts from Pages.

The Trends and Topics To Watch on Facebook and Instagram from Q2 2021

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The latest edition of the Facebook and Instagram “Topics to Watch” report shines a spotlight on the top three topics from both platforms.