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Featured Snippets on Google Now Take You Directly Where You Want

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Google is making a change to how featured some featured snippets function by taking users directly to the associated text when clicked.  Featured snippets are the highlighted search results that appear at the top of some results…
YouTube on Mobile

YouTube Starts Showing Organic Google Search Results

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Google appears to be testing the idea of integrating its normal web search into search results on YouTube.
Google Search Rankings

Google Previews Upcoming New Ranking Signal for Websites

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Google will soon be updating their search ranking algorithm with a new ranking signal focusing on user experience.

Get An Inside Look At How LinkedIn Ranks Your Posts

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In recent weeks, LinkedIn has been updating its algorithm it uses to rank content with new signals like “dwell time” or how long users spend with each piece of content.  Even more, the company has also revealed its secret ranking…

Facebook Introduces a New Way To Sell Online With "Shops"

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Facebook is launching a major overhaul called Shops which will make it easier for brands to sell their products to users without sending them off the social network.  In theory, the move would allow e-commerce businesses to operate their…
GMB Coronavirus Recommendations

Google Reveals 5 Key Ways COVID-19 Impacted Online Search

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted or changed almost every part of our daily lives in some way, and that holds very true when it comes to online search.  Google has been tracking these shifts from the initial outbreak to our current…

LinkedIn Wants To Host Your Next Virtual Event

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LinkedIn is in the process of launching a new way to create and host live virtual events as group meetings and conferences move online in the wake of COVID-19.  The new events tool combines two of LinkedIn’s existing features (LinkedIn…

Google Introduces a "Curbside Pickup" Label For Product Listing Ads

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has been rapidly releasing new tools to assist shoppers looking for contactless pick-up options, delivery, and keep consumers up-to-date on frequently changing business hours or closings and openings.  Now,…
Google Rising Product Categories Header

Track The Latest Product Trends With Google's "Rising Retail Categories"

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer behavior was prone to shifting quickly. Now, it seems buyers’ needs are changing daily - if not hourly. If there is any place this is reflected, it is in our Google searches.  Product and…