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Google Blocked Over 5.2 Billion Ads In 2022 According To Annual Ads Safety Report

Google released its annual Ads Safety Report this week, highlighting the company's efforts to guarantee advertising on its platforms is safe and trusted.
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Google Announces 5 New Ways To Learn More About Your Search Results

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Just ahead of International Fact-Checking Day on April 2, Google announced a wave of new features intended to make it easier for users to learn more about where their information is coming from.

LinkedIn Launches 4 New Features For Businesses

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LinkedIn revealed a slew of new features designed exclusively for businesses this week, including content creation, new ways to engage with other companies, and easier ways to have live discussions with others.

Meet Google Bard - Google's Response To Bing and ChatGPT's AI Tools

Google has started giving users in the US and UK access to Google Bard, its answer to Bing and ChatGPT’s AI chat tools. The company is doing a gradual rollout through a waitlist at  What Is Bard? Bard is a generative…
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Google Confirms March Broad Core Algorithm Update Is Rolling Out

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Google has confirmed it is rolling out its latest broad core algorithm update, signifying yet another potential shake-up for the search engine’s results.

TikTok Prepares to Introduce Sponsored Search Ads, Becoming a Competitor to Google and Microsoft

TikTok is testing search ads in a closed beta that may make the relatively new social platform even more of a competitor to Google and Microsoft.

Microsoft Progress Report Shows Promising Signs For New AI-Powered Bing Experience

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Even though the new AI-powered Bing search experience is rolling out to a limited number of users, Microsoft says it is seeing record-setting growth and engagement.
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TikTok Adds 500,000 Licensed Songs Brands Can Use In Ads and Content

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TikTok is making it easier for brands of any size to use licensed music on the platform with its new Sounds for Businesses service.

Report Shows Engagement is Down Everywhere Except TikTok

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A new report on social media engagement suggests we may be past the peak of social media marketing, but TikTok's rates provide some hope.