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TikTok Employees Can Boost Videos To Go Viral

Several current and former employees reported that some TikTok employees have access to a “heating” button which overrides the platform’s usual algorithm to ensure as many users can see content as possible.

Google Says To Use Multiple Signals To Get Dates Right In Search Results

Google is encouraging brands to ensure content is properly dated in search engines by using multiple date indicators on each page.

Since Elon Musk's Takeover, Twitter Has Lost 40% of Its Daily Revenue

The controversial CEO has seen Twiitter daily advertising revenue plummet by up to 40%, as waves of major advertisers stop running ads on the platform.

Google's Danny Sullivan Addresses Using AI-Generated Content To Rank

Google continues to be relatively tight-lipped about its stance on AI-generated content, but a new statement from Google’s Danny Sullivan suggests the search engine may not be a fan.
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Google Says It Can Take Quite a While to Recover From Algorithmic Search Penalties

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Experts from Google say it can take quite some time to recover if they believe your site has been sharing spammy content in the past.

LinkedIn Previews 2023's Upcoming Features and Updates

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To kick off 2023, Linkedin is giving a preview of the upcoming features it is working on.

Twitter Introduces View Counts, Promises Users Will Be Able To Opt-Out

Last week, Twitter CEO Elon Musk suddenly revealed that view counts would be publicly visible for all tweets - not just videos shared on the platform.  Previously, this data was only available to the user who posted a tweet through the…
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Twitter Blue Expands To Brands With Blue For Business

After a somewhat chaotic rollout for Twitter Blue Verified for most users, the company is beginning the process of launching Blue for Business.

Google Launches New Dashboard Dedicated To Search Engine Status

Google has officially launched a new dashboard page dedicated to notifying users about any issues occurring with Google Search.