Bing and Facebook – Has Bing Overstepped Google?

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You may have heard about this, but Bing and Facebook have joined forces, and now Bing is going to start displaying results based on Facebook posts.

How, exactly?  It appears that Bing will have a module that shows pages on Facebook that friends liked.  So since your account is now linked to Bing, you can find out your friends’ opinions on things that you’re looking up, be it movie reviews, restaurants, software, etc.

This is somewhere that Microsoft may have taken a step forward ahead of Google.  Imagine the implications.  If this takes off, then that means that real SEO will begin meaning the need to produce quality products, since real-time reviews will be immediately available.  And not just from professionals, but from close friends.  Search results will show opinions from friends, and actual sales might be based on previous experiences from close acquaintances.

Since Google is still king for searches, then if they pick up on this it’ll be a green light.  If not, then this might just be an edge to move Microsoft a little bit further forward in the search engine field.  This may also be a red light for Facebook, causing more people to get a wee bit more paranoid with their privacy settings.  And a lot of people may not be ready to trust their friends over a wide range of professional resources.  We’ll have to see where it goes.

You can find out more details here on the Facebook Bing joinup.

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