There are three options inside AdWords that many don’t see or realize that can help hugely to save time and effort.

1) Bulk changes to local business listings – you can actually change multiple location extensions at once using AdWords Editor. Just use the “Make multiple changes” inside the Extensions tab in the Editor to do this.

2) AdWords labels. Want to sort through campaigns, ad groups, keywords or even ads with a specific category that doesn’t exist natively? Add a label. You can label anything to be able to quickly see what parts of your campaigns you want to focus on.

3) Automated rules. There are other tools available that do this, but automated rules inside Google allow you to change CPC values, pause ads, or even change a budget based on progress that happens inside the campaign. This can reduce micro-managing your campaign to a huge degree.

Use these three AdWords abilities to cut time and improve efficiency for your own campaign management.

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A United States judge has demanded that Oracle and Google reveal paid bloggers. The two firms must provide the information by August 17. It is already known that firms pay commentators, but the information on who the paid commentators are must be revealed. Unfortunately however, it is unclear to both firms what will qualify as payments, as there are many ways they send out payments. Where is the line between bloggers and professional journalists, and is it distinct enough to clarify?

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There are some steps one may take to retrieve their Facebook when it is hacked. First and foremost, one should change their password, along with having a secondary email and phone number submitted to Facebook in case of a hacker changing the password. One should also verify their identity on Facebook, and utilize the two-step login process. Also, to see if anyone has hacked into an account, one can check their Facebook sessions. If you do all of these, you can recover your account and prevent future issues.

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It’s been done on Facebook, and it looks like it’s coming to Google+. Getting your own customized URL. For now, Google’s offering it only to limited numbers of users (apparently large name brands and personalities), but word is that it will be coming soon to anyone who wants it.

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Google+ Launches Vanity URL Feature for Select Users

In many cases where a client is looking to gain SEO, their expectations are set in their minds. “I want to be #1 for 10 terms” or “I want 2000 visits a month”. And they expect to have these results in one or two months. But this is usually far from reality. Real SEO means putting time and money into the project to build trust with both Google and with visitors to the site. This isn’t a switch that you turn on or off, and it does take a good amount of time to build properly. A good SEO company will warn their potential clients about this reality before starting work or taking money, but sadly, “good” SEO companies are a bit more rare than not. Mark Jackson has his thoughts on this struggle in the article linked below.

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Why I Talk Most Folks Out of SEO Projects

Google has bought another company and may be moving forward to make some more changes for user interaction with the search engine. Zagat was bought to allow reviews to be made in a different way. Why Frommer’s was bought is still a bit of a mystery, but this company is one that provides a variety of travel assistance, known for their travel guides. Perhaps Google has plans in the future to support travelers that need some help on their excursions and do not have established resources they know to use.

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Zagat Take Two: Google To Acquire Frommer’s Travel Guides

Google has introduced a new service that ties Google Translate to Google Goggles. It means there’s a new OCR tool useable on your phone that can detect language from images and translate them. An example of a good way to use this is of a restaurant menu with foreign unknown language – the service uses OCR (optical character recognition) and allows your to brush your fingers over the screen to select the part of the menu in the image you want translated. The update is currently available for Android’s version of Google Translate and supports Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish languages.

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Google Translate: Picture To OCR To Speech

When using guest posting to increase Web traffic to one’s own site, it is common to skip sites with relatively low PageRank (the score given to a site by Google’s patented search algorithm). However, the wisdom of this convention is questioned by search engine optimization (SEO) adviser Amanda DiSilvestro. She suggests ignoring the convention when the site is easy to navigate and filled with content that is original, relevant, and regularly updated.

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Olympics are the first truly multi platform global sporting event. Tablet and smart phone searches approached 50% of overall search query volume for the first two days of the Olympics, and Japan even exceeded that to 55%. At some times during the games searches are being done more on smart phones and tablets than on computers. The Olympics are establishing new levels of mobile usage for online searching, definitively showing the public’s adaptation to mobile browsing and searching.

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Google: Nearly 50 Percent Of Olympics-Related Searches Coming From Mobile Devices

Craigslist’s daring decision to go thermonuclear on re-listers can only be viewed as a risky option. After all, you need a lot of guts to tell a top-ranking search engine such as Google to stop indexing its content. This means the site cannot tolerate other parties making use of its listings. Then, it makes very little meaning for Craigslist to continue to have the peace icon anymore.

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