SEO Is Not Always What The Client Thinks


In many cases where a client is looking to gain SEO, their expectations are set in their minds. “I want to be #1 for 10 terms” or “I want 2000 visits a month”. And they expect to have these results in one or two months. But this is usually far from reality. Real SEO means putting time and money into the project to build trust with both Google and with visitors to the site. This isn’t a switch that you turn on or off, and it does take a good amount of time to build properly. A good SEO company will warn their potential clients about this reality before starting work or taking money, but sadly, “good” SEO companies are a bit more rare than not. Mark Jackson has his thoughts on this struggle in the article linked below.

Read the full article here:
Why I Talk Most Folks Out of SEO Projects

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