3 AdWords Features To Help Manage Campaigns


There are three options inside AdWords that many don’t see or realize that can help hugely to save time and effort.

1) Bulk changes to local business listings – you can actually change multiple location extensions at once using AdWords Editor. Just use the “Make multiple changes” inside the Extensions tab in the Editor to do this.

2) AdWords labels. Want to sort through campaigns, ad groups, keywords or even ads with a specific category that doesn’t exist natively? Add a label. You can label anything to be able to quickly see what parts of your campaigns you want to focus on.

3) Automated rules. There are other tools available that do this, but automated rules inside Google allow you to change CPC values, pause ads, or even change a budget based on progress that happens inside the campaign. This can reduce micro-managing your campaign to a huge degree.

Use these three AdWords abilities to cut time and improve efficiency for your own campaign management.

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