Google AdWords has a new tool they’re trying out.  It’s called the AdWords Campaign Experiments (or ACE).  It’s taking some testing that normally takes a while and making it faster. Read more

One of Google’s new developments is the adding of another search element to their engine.  Time.  You can now search for a certain “freshness” of content in Google’s cache. Read more

The news is out, Google is not a fan of Microsoft Windows. The main reason is security concerns, the vulnerability that is present with the hackability of the operating system. Read more

Trying to show the results of SEO is not just doing a search on your targeted keywords and viewing the latest position.  It’s more than just that. Read more

As many blogs that get decent traffic know, you often get a lot of spammy comments on your posts, even when you have a decent anti-spam plugin or two.  Well, there are other routes to go when you STILL get spam comments.  And I’ve found a nice one. Read more

Google’s making some changes to their standard search results, to include a left hand nav bar.  This has made some people (including Business Insider) wonder if it’s to imitate what Bing already has in place – a side panel to have different links for images, videos, etc.

This change will affect how people view results in general, although Google’s advertising approach will likely not change heavily.  We’ll have to see what the response is when they go fully live with these changes.

You can see Google’s words on the new SERPs here:

When doing SEO, it’s not as easy as just picking out your main market keyword and thinking you can jump to the top with that keyword.  A lot of people seem to think that generic keywords equal good sales.  But this is not the case, more often than not.  Good SEO requires work and research. Read more

Not really much more to say than that. I found a post on his blog from not too long ago, and it cracked me up.  Even people outside of internet marketing might find it worth checking out.

SEO tips being lies? Okay, not always intentionally, but it happens.  Mainly because with the ways SEO works changing so much, a lot of old techniques no longer work.  Keeping on top of these makes a big difference.

There are several, but I’d recommend checking out this great list put together by Stephan Spencer, Chris Smith, Rand Fishkin, and Eric Enge on Search Engine Land.

Apple has recently revealed news on the iPhone OS 4 update.  The more interesting part of this news for marketers is the new development of iAd – an advertisement opportunity to allow ads to be created and used within apps on the iPhone. Read more