How To Evaluate SEO Efforts

Trying to show the results of SEO is not just doing a search on your targeted keywords and viewing the latest position.  It’s more than just that.There are several ways to see how the results of your SEO have impacted not just the web site but the business with which you’re working.  Here are some examples:

  • Keep track of traffic through analytics tools (like Google Analytics).  This can show differences in raw traffic, as well as showing what types of keywords are being used to source web traffic.
  • Keep track of backlink building.  Knowing which backlinks have been built and how many can help know which ones were most effective and can also show a client how much work has been put into the SEO.
  • Watch changes in revenue.  This is the big guns.  If you can see a positive difference in the revenue stream for the business the SEO is being done for, then the desired result is being achieved.  Monitoring these numbers closely can help to see the differences achieved.

These are just a few examples of ways to see how your SEO work has produced results.  You can see several more from Mark Thompson at Search Engine Journal.

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