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Facebook Unveils New Advertising Platform for Ads Based on Goals

Facebook announced yesterday via Facebook for Business News that they have created a new platform which will allow advertiser to create ads and influence their impact more easily, as Kelsey Jones reported. The news release said that Facebook has received feedback from advertisers wanting to create ads based on their overall goal or objective, not […]

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Google Speeds Up Mobile Search With Ping Attribute

Have you noticed a difference using Google on your smartphone this past week? Last week Ilya Grigorik, a Google developer advocate, announced Google was making a tiny tweak which should speed up mobile search on both Safari and Chrome by 200-400 milliseconds. The company implemented an attribute called <a ping>, which allows them to basically […]


New Study Disputes Bing It On Challenge Claims

Do you remember last year when Bing aggressively marketed their “Bing It On” challenge? Back then, Bing also made the claim that searchers prefered Bing in the blind test 2:1. Now, a recent study from the “Freakonomics” blog harshly disputes Bing’s claims as well as strongly critiquing their marketing of the study as possibly constituting […]