Twitter Updates Improve Experience…For Advertisers

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Twitter users have no doubt taken notice of multiple, recent updates to improve user experience. What they may not have noticed is that these updates are mostly geared toward helping advertisers engage consumers, as Romain Dillet writes for TechCrunch.

Recent improvements include a better search function. Finally, right? Well, now it’s much easier to find specific companies and follow them.

There’s also the changes to the look of profile pages. For businesses, the company name is much larger than the @username and a giant logo appears as the header. These changes affect users as well, but were clearly designed with advertisers in mind. Much like the ability to pin a tweet to the top of the timeline, which will most likely serve to let consumers know about current specials.

Certainly, there are still room for improvements to make Twitter a perfect advertising machine. However, in order to remain effective, Twitter also needs to keep normal, product-buying users happy and on-board. That juggling act is no small feat.

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