Twitter Opens Analytics Dashboard For All Users

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Twitter has grown from a small social media platform to one of most popular ways to share and interact with everyone from friends and family to celebrities and clothing brands. But along the way Twitter also got a reputation for being one of the most highly efficient marketing tools possible.

While Twitter isn’t the first social media platform to allow brands and public figures to interact with their audiences, it has continuously been one of the most powerful and easy to use platforms available. The only thing holding it back was a lack of analytics tools.

Last month, Twitter took the first step in rectifying this issue by launching an analytics dashboard similar to Google Analytics that specifically focused on Twitter. The analytics dashboard did everything from measuring the performance of your tweets to monitoring how many people are seeing each tweet. Too bad only advertisers and verified users had access to it at the time.

Thankfully, everything changed yesterday when Twitter engineer Ian Chan announced the wide release of the analytics dashboard via a tweet.

Twitter also added a new page to the help center which explains everything you could want to know about using the dashboard and familiarizing yourself with the layout. To get access to the analytics dashboard, you only need to have an account that has been open for more than 2 weeks and primarily tweets in English, French, Japanese, or Spanish.

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