Flaws Revealed By Social Media And How To Fix Them

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One of the advantages of your business’s social media profile that almost no one is talking about is that it can reveal the flaws in your business. Whether it’s through negative feedback or a general lack of participation, the problems that arise on social media usually point to problems that need to be fixed at your physical location.

Carrie Kerpen, of Inc., calls social media “a mirror. A reflection of your company and how you’re doing today.” Basically, this means that if you see an abundance of negative comments, it’s because you’re doing something wrong. This is a pretty simple idea. After all, if you were getting an abundance of phone calls from customers complaining about your service, wouldn’t you assume something was wrong with your service? This is simply an example of how some business owners are not translating social media activity correctly, or perhaps simply undervaluing its importance.

After you’ve come up with solutions to your business’s shortcomings, be sure to let those naysayers on social media know about it. Negative comments that are left unanswered are far more damning than those that receive an apologetic, professional response detailing how your business is adapting and dealing with the problem. Sometimes, it can even be a simple reassurance that changes in your business won’t affect the quality product your customer is used to. Or, maybe you can apologize for a perceived shortcoming that can’t be changed while pointing out some advantages your customer has yet to notice.

When used correctly, social media is a way to make your business better and enhance the relationship you have with your customers.


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