Is Guest Blogging Good SEO?


Guest blogs are a new area of content creation becoming more prevalent in the blogsphere nowadays.  Is this something that is good for SEO?  Or is it worthless for link building?

It’s a form of SEO that can work, to a degree.  The main issue is that there are several blogs out there that will accept “guest blogger”s that produce any level of quality information, including bad posts.

This reduces the level of quality for that particular blog, and will usually have a bad result in general.  Quality posts are respected and tend to be spread (and linked) more.  In this way blogs that only accept quality posts will get more traffic, get more attention, and the search engines will notice this.  Because of this these are the blogs that will rise in rankings, and those that accept any sort of riff-raff as content will fall behind.

So yes, guest blogging can be good SEO – as long as the content produced is quality content.  Anything else will not work as well.  But this is a standard rule for any type of link building in SEO.  Only quality content will build links.  The rule still applies here.

So keep this in mind – if you want to do good SEO, produce good content, and you’ll see more results than you would otherwise.  Outsourcing content creation to “writers” who do not know the material (or even the proper language, fully) will not help you in the long run.

My good friend Ann Smarty had more to say on guest blogging on a post she wrote at the Blog Herald.

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