Google’s “Best Guess” – Google Guessing? Likely A Good Guess

As I mentioned before, Google Gaydar was a “feature” that came from the search engine that wasn’t announced, but did catch the attention of many when it was noticed.  This feature is part of a new adjustment to Google’s services, called by most: Google Best Guess.

The Best Guess is something that Google provides above the organic search results for various speculative postulations.  Here are some examples:

Some of these are definite facts, but in some cases (such as release dates) there may not be any commonly known data.  This is where Google’s Best Guess comes in handy.

These are all parts of changes Google has made to their search engine and of the things that Google has displayed using their Best Guess functionality, the “Google Gaydar” is one that did manage to capture a bit more attention.  However, there are several other points of data that Google has captured and can use to provide different information.

Seems like the search engine is no longer limited to searching only sites.  And if Google is guessing, I’d speculate that it’s likely a very good guess.


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