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Snapchat’s new Extended Play Commercials run up to 3 minutes long

Snapchat is launching a new format for video ads called Extended Play Commercials which allows advertisers to run ads up to three minutes long. The video ads are skippable after six seconds and will be shown as mid-roll ads – similar to how Snapchat handles shorter ads. The goal behind Extended Play Commercials is to […]

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Chatbots Fueled Sales and Saved Businesses $300,000 This Year

Chatbots are becoming a mainstay of everyday commerce, helping customers quickly connect with brands of all types and sizes and facilitate online sales. According to a new study from Intercom, the automated messaging bots are also helping businesses save considerable amounts of money, with business leaders saving an average of $300,000 in 2019. However, the […]

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Facebook Launches New Ways To Automatically Optimize Your Ads For Users

Facebook is using machine learning to launch a number of new personalization features for advertisers, as the company recently announced. The goal is to make it easier for brands and advertisers to customize ads for their potential customers without having to create several distinct ads. Dynamic Ad Formats and Ad Creative When using Facebook’s Dynamic […]

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Google Launches Ad Extensions for YouTube Ads

Google announced this week it is bringing ad extensions – similar to those that appear in search ads – to YouTube ads. The new extensions expand the capabilities of traditional ads by offering unique call-to-actions or additional information for users. Specifically, the new YouTube ad extensions allow advertisers to include directions to brick-and-mortar store locations, […]

Bing Announces New Link Penalties

Bing has announced a new series of link penalties aimed at reducing the presence of spammy or manipulative sites across its search engine. Specifically, the latest link penalties target private blog networks (PBNs), as well as those using subdomain leasing or manipulative cross-site linking. What Bing is Targeting For the most part, Bing is looking […]