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Twitter is set to launch new ‘Hide Replies’ feature in June

One of the biggest issues keeping many brands from promoting themselves more heavily on Twitter is the platform’s rampant trolling and abuse problems. Over the last few years, Twitter has become infamous for the rude, inappropriate, or even vulgar behavior of its users despite several attempts to address the issue. Now, Twitter is giving users […]

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Facebook launches dramatic new limits on Groups and Pages

Facebook has announced sweeping changes to its news feed and the way it handles groups or pages that violate the company’s content policies. The new changes, including a new algorithm signal, are aimed at reducing the reach of sites spreading content with misinformation by judging the authority of the sites the content comes from. If […]

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Google My Business listings now show product catalogs on mobile and desktop

The latest update to Google My Business’s listings makes product catalogs even more powerful by displaying them in both desktop and mobile search results. Since October 2018, when they were first introduced, product catalogs on Google My Business would only appear in mobile search results. To add your products to your own listing, all you […]

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LinkedIn’s new ad targeting options allow you to target your ideal customer

LinkedIn is expanding its ad targeting options to allow advertisers the ability to better target their ideal audience. The professional social platform has launched lookalike audience targeting which allows you to create an ad audience similar to your dream customer. As the company says in their announcement: “LinkedIn’s lookalike audiences combine the traits of your […]

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Pinterest introduces new shopping tools for retailers and consumers

Pinterest is making it easier for brands and consumers to connect with a number of new tools aimed at getting more products in front of interested viewers. The company announced a slew of new updates designed to improve personalized results for users and make browsing products and brands better than ever. “These updates help retailers […]