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Fear of Missing Out Is Keeping Most Students On Social Media Despite Lack of Enjoyment

Does anyone actually enjoy using social media?  According to a new survey conducted collaboratively by the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, Bocconi University, and the University of Cologne, the majority of users (particularly among young people) believe they would be happier if social platforms like Instagram and TikTok weren’t in their lives.  However, the students […]


LinkedIn Is Making Collaborative Articles More Visible And Engaging

LinkedIn is making Collaborative Articles more visible across its platform, including within search, feeds, and notifications.  In an announcement today, the company said it plans to show more Collaborative Articles when users are looking for information about specific problems or topics.  In addition to making Collaborative Articles more visible in these spaces, LinkedIn says it […]


Lead Google Analyst Says Links Are No Longer a Top 3 Ranking Factor

For years, backlinks have been considered one of the most important ranking factors for ranking on Google’s search engine. In 2016, the company even confirmed as much when a search quality senior strategist said that the top ranking factors were links, content, and RankBrain. According to new comments from Google’s Gary Illyes, an analysis for […]