AdSense Lets You Opt Out of Five New Ad Formats

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According to an announcement from Google late last week, you can now opt out of five new ad format options when creating AdSense ads.

Their announcement said:

“These enhancements are designed to improve the performance of your ads, but we know that sometimes you may prefer not to include them. Based on your requests for more control over the ways ads are served on your site, we’re happy to let you know that you can opt out of the following advanced ad format features[…]”

  • Similar Sized Display Ads – This feature shows smaller ads that are performing highly in larger ad units
  • Enhanced Text Ads – Displays text ads with performance enhancing features such as product ads or clickable arrow icons.
  • Expandable Ads – Displaying rich media ads that can expand beyond the original ad size after a user-initiated action.
  • Enhanced Display Ads – Shows display ads with performance-enhancing features such as mouseover highlights.
  • Animated Display Ads – This feature allows you to display non-static ads that were created using Flash or animated Gif formats.

AdSense obviously isn’t rolling back these new features, but simply trying to give publishers more control over their ads. More control is never a bad thing, right?

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