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Facebook tries to revitalize Stories by letting all pages share their own

Posted on 10.18.17 by Taylor Ball

In an attempt to breathe some life into their version of ‘Stories’, Facebook is expanding the feature to all pages – rather than just individual users. This means brands can now start sharing Stories too all their friends and followers, though it’s unclear whether businesses will take Facebook up on the offer. Since launching the Snapchat-like feature on Facebook earlier this year, Stories have largely been ignored by most users. Compared to Instagram or Snapchat, Facebook has struggled to find the right place or utility for their own version of the feature and many have forgotten the feature exists at all…. Read more »

Native video continues to dominate on Facebook, as a new study shows

Posted on 10.16.17 by Taylor Ball

It may not come as a surprise that Facebook favors native videos, but a new report shows just how much of a boost videos can get by being uploaded straight to the social media platform. According to Quintly, native videos on Facebook get up to 530% more comments than videos shared from other sources like YouTube. The report comes from a study originally published back in March, but which has been recently updated with data collected between January and July of this year. Including the new data, the study analyzed 187,000 Facebook pages and 7.5 million posts. From all this… Read more »

The new AdWords “Experience” is now available to everyone

Posted on 10.13.17 by Taylor Ball

Google has been teasing a massive revamp to the AdWords experience for months, and now it’s finally here. The company says the redesign and new features provide a faster, more intuitive experience with a better focus on meeting advertisers’ goals. What’s New The biggest changes to the ad platform are mostly focused on design and speed.  The ad interface is less cluttered and easy to navigate, letting you put more focus on your advertising efforts without distraction. The streamlined style also allows pages to load up to 20% faster according to Google. Visualizations have also been improved to make it… Read more »

Snapchat is still the biggest social platform for teens

Posted on 10.12.17 by Taylor Ball

Everyone seems to be ripping off Snapchat’s style these days, whether it’s the spread of vanishing video or “Stories”. Still, it doesn’t seem to be impacting the platform’s popularity with their biggest demographic. Teens still prefer Snapchat over any other platform – and it’s not even close. The investment firm Piper Jaffray’s latest annual “Taking Stock With Teens” report surveyed over 6,100 people across 44 states. It specifically asked teens about their social media usage over the past month. According to their results published on AdWeek, almost half (47%) of all teens said Snapchat is their favorite app. That’s an… Read more »

AdWords may spend more than twice your daily ad budget

Posted on 10.11.17 by Taylor Ball

AdWords has made a pretty massive change to the way daily ad budgets can be spent, and it could wreak havoc on advertisers’ ability to manage their budgets. Google has always allowed campaigns to spend up to 20% over their daily budget. The idea is to provide flexibility so that you can take advantage of days where your ad performs best and minimalize waste when your ad isn’t doing well. By the end of the month, this variance evens out so that you meet your monthly budget. Now, AdWords has massively raised the daily overspend cap. Campaigns can now spend up… Read more »