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Snapchat’s First Paid Ad Appears To Have Been a Success

Posted on 10.21.14 by Taylor Ball

Snapchat, the popular social image sharing app, recently ran the first ad on their platform since its inception. If Universal Pictures, the movie studio who bought the ad, is to be believed, the results are already showing the advertising exercise was a great success. It is hard to tell how the format will work for smaller brands, but Universal vice president of digital marketing Doug Neil said “millions” of viewers have seen the 20-second trailer for the horror movie “Ouija”. However there has been some fallout from the ad tests, especially on Twitter. Some users were surprised by the ads… Read more »

Google Rolls Out New Penguin Algorithm Update Shortly After Updating Panda

Posted on 10.20.14 by Taylor Ball

If you thought Google might be slowing down on updating their most well-known search algorithms, the past month may have been a bit of a shocker for you. First, Google rolled out the latest update to their Panda algorithm in late September, and less than a month later they have released the first update to their Penguin algorithm in over a year. If Penguin and Panda aren’t familiar terms to you, they are the names of two major algorithms which determine what Google’s search results will look like for a given search. They help evaluate websites and reward those who… Read more »

More Ad Conversions are Happening on Mobile According to New Report

Posted on 10.17.14 by Taylor Ball

As Google rolls out more mobile ad formats and targeting measures for marketers, the customers seeing the ads appear to be more readily engaging advertisements from their smartphones and tablets. A new study from Marin Software shows that consumers are starting to use mobile ads to complete purchases, but desktop is still the dominant platform for conversions. Other interesting facts from Q3 of 2014 included in Marin’s report are: Mobile devices comprised 31% of paid search impressions and 38% of search ad clicks on Google. Mobile accounted for 30% of ad conversions with mobile conversions increasing 2.4% quarter-over-quarter and nearly… Read more »

Local Ranking Factors In Search Have Largely Stayed The Same This Year

Posted on 10.15.14 by Taylor Ball

Every year, Moz details the local ranking factors they can identify in Google’s algorithm to help small businesses get a foot up in the listings. Earlier this week they announced the release of this year’s findings and everything seems… surprisingly the same. Analysts have only found a few notable changes, but the findings are largely the same as last year’s. However, David Mihm did highlight a few important things to notice in the findings, including:  Behavioral signals such as click through rate, are more of a factor this year that others. With Pigeon‘s release, experts are saying Domain authority is… Read more »

Tulsa Is Recognized By Google As Oklahoma’s eCity for 2014

Posted on 10.14.14 by Taylor Ball

To those who have never been here, Tulsa might not seem like the most technologically innovative city, but anyone who has lived in Tulsa knows otherwise. Tulsa’s companies leverage the internet to grow their businesses in inventive and practical ways every day, and the city is finally getting some recognition for their efforts. Google named Tulsa as Oklahoma’s eCity for 2014, recognizing the city for having the strongest online business community in the state and celebrates those who have embraced the internet and its multitude of ways to connect with new and existing customers alike. “Our eCity Awards recognize the… Read more »