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Survey Shows Almost 40% of Shoppers Will Use Mobile Devices This Holiday Season

Posted on 10.25.16 by Taylor Ball

A new study published by ad tech company Fluent shows the holiday season is looking to be more mobile than ever. According to the report, nearly 40% of all US consumers are already planning to make at least one purchase this holiday season from a mobile device. Unsurprisingly, younger consumers appear to be more likely to make purchases from mobile devices compared to older individuals. For the survey, the company asked almost 2,000 US consumers questions about their holiday shopping plans in late September. The responses showed 39% plan to make at least one purchase on a mobile device, with… Read more »

Pinterest Reaches 150 Million Active Monthly Users

Posted on 10.19.16 by Taylor Ball

Just last year, Pinterest announced it had reached over 100 million active monthly users – a huge milestone for one of the fastest growing social platforms around. Since then, Pinterest has grown its user base by over 50 percent, reaching 150 million active monthly users, according to a recent announcement. The new numbers show Pinterest is maintaining its rapid growth by expanding internationally, as well as reaching out to new demographics at home. According to Pinterest’s announcement, approximately 80 million of the company’s active users live outside the U.S. and 75% of new signups are coming from users outside the… Read more »

Google Is Launching An Entirely Separate Mobile Search Index

Posted on 10.17.16 by Taylor Ball

Google is making a huge change to their search engine that could have huge implications for the future of search. Until now, Google has maintained a single search index, which cataloged the entire web for Google’s algorithm to sort through. However, that will be changing soon as Google’s Gary Illyes announced the search engine would be releasing a separate mobile search index. The new mobile index will become Google’s “primary” index that it uses to deliver the majority of search results. At the same time, the company will continue to maintain a separate desktop search index which will be slightly… Read more »

Google’s Latest Tool Lets You Test and Preview AMP Pages

Posted on 10.14.16 by Taylor Ball

In the wake of the one-year anniversary of the release of AMP (accelerated mobile pages), Google has released a new testing tool to help content publishers ensure their AMP pages are properly set-up and displaying correctly. The tool is directly available at and can be accessed through the Google Search Console. The testing tool is designed to work on mobile devices and uses Google’s live web-search infrastructure” to assess any AMP page using real Googlebots to provide real-time evaluations. Specifically, it checks the AMP markup and structured data on the page for issues, then highlights any part of the… Read more »

Almost 40% of Searchers Are Going ‘Mobile-Only’

Posted on 10.11.16 by Taylor Ball

It is no secret that the majority of people online change devices several times a day, but new research from Google shows that a growing number of users are adopting a “mobile only” lifestyle. The new “cross-device” research shows that while plenty of people still move from desktop to mobile to tablet as they need to throughout the day, but almost 40% of searchers have dropped desktop devices from their online search process entirely. Google says the study is based on “behavioral measurement of a convenience sample of 11,964 opt-in Google users between January 1, 2016 and March 31, 2016,”… Read more »