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Facebook introduces “Creative Compass” to predict how your ads will perform

Posted on 10.12.18 by Taylor Ball

Facebook is launching a new tool, called Creative Compass, aiming to help advertisers predict how well their ads will perform. Creative Compass will assess your ads by examining key elements and scoring them on a scale from “low impact” to “high impact”. Specifically, the tool will evaluate: Noticeability Brand association Brand fit Message comprehension Believability Information content Emotional reward Call to action More than anything, Creative Compass is designed to help you understand how your ads will perform and how likely your target action is to take action after seeing one of your ads. For now, the tool is being… Read more »

Facebook launches new tool to publish pre-recorded “live” videos

Posted on 10.04.18 by Taylor Ball

Facebook is launching a new feature for all Pages that allows you to publish pre-recorded “live” videos. That may sound contradiction, but the new “Premieres” feature brings the best of Facebook’s live video and pre-recorded video features into one convenient package. The biggest benefit of the premiering pre-recorded videos is that you can get the same boost to visibility received by “going live”, being placed in the top of feeds. Facebook will also deliver notifications alerting users to your video debut to those who have enabled them. Additionally, “Premieres” will be included within the Facebook Watch tab, making it easier… Read more »

Google My Business changes Post length limits and placement

Posted on 10.02.18 by Taylor Ball

Google is some small changes to Google My Business Posts that could affect visibility. Google Posts Go to the Bottom A number of people have observed that Google Posts have been moved within knowledge panels, getting shifted down reviews and other business information. Barry Schwartz gave an example of just how significantly the change demotes Posts within the knowledge panel on Search Engine Roundtable. The first picture shows his Google My Business listing in 2017, with a Google Post directly below the address information: In the second screenshot, the latest Post is all the way at the bottom, only placed… Read more »

Facebook begins allowing all businesses to run ads in Stories

Posted on 09.28.18 by Taylor Ball

Facebook is finally allowing all advertisers to run ads during users’ Stories. The social network has been allowing a limited number of brands across three countries to create ads that appear during Stories published on the site since May, but this is the first time the company has expanded the option to smaller businesses. Notably, during this time period, the number of people watching Facebook Stories each day has more than doubled from 150 million to over 300 million viewers. In addition to making the ads available to a wider range of brands, the company has also rolled out a… Read more »

Pinterest opens ‘Shop the Look’ Pins to all businesses

Posted on 09.21.18 by Taylor Ball

Pinterest is expanding its Shop the Look Pins to all business accounts.   Shop the Look Pins aren’t exactly a new type of Pin but instead is a tool that allows businesses to tag products in photos to provide a seamless shopping experience. The tool was previously exclusive to big brands who purchased advertising through third-party services like Pinterest Marketing Partners Olapic and Curalate. Now, however, all brands can add Shop the Look Pins through a self-serve tool. Shop the Look Pins appear as simple white dots which can be moved to ensure they are always helping add information without… Read more »