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Google Targets Hacked Spammy Sites With New Algorithm Changes

Posted on 10.06.15 by Taylor Ball

Google is launching a new set of algorithm changes intended to remove hacked sites that spew spam from the search engines. According to the company, the changes will affect approximately 5% of queries and has already begun rolling out. Google says it is cracking down on hacked spam to protect both searchers and site owners, but the move could have consequences for legitimate site owners unaware their site has been hacked. These sites are dangerous to those who visit them as they can lead to malware downloads, marketing of illegal goods, or completely redirecting people to unintended, low-quality sites. For… Read more »

Google Display Network Commits To Only Charge For Ads That Get Seen

Posted on 10.02.15 by Taylor Ball

This week, Google announced it would make a big change to ensure advertisers are only charged for display ads that are viewed. During a keynote discussion at SMX East in New York, Brad Bender, vice president of product management of the Google Display Network said: “I’m pleased to announce that GDN is moving to 100% viewable. We’re going to migrate all of the CPMs in the system to viewable CPMs. All advertisers will be able to see viewable metrics so they can make better decisions.” Bender told the audience the change will be rolled out to GDN users in the… Read more »

New AdWords Feature Lets You Target Ads By Email Address

Posted on 09.29.15 by Taylor Ball

  Over the weekend, Google announced a powerful new feature in AdWords that will allow advertisers to target their audience unlike ever before. Through Customer Match, a new feature rolling out in the coming weeks, advertisers will be able to target ads by email address. After you upload a list of email addresses, Customer Match will pair them with the corresponding Google users who you can target ads to. Advertisers can also target ads to similar audiences who share similarities with the individuals in the email list. Customer Match is capable of targeting ads to anyone signed-in to Google on Gmail,… Read more »

Are You Paying For Fraudulent Views On YouTube?

Posted on 09.25.15 by Taylor Ball

Google has made a big deal about its ability to prevent advertisers from paying for ads that aren’t seen by real human eyes, including on YouTube’s ad network, but a new study by a team of European researchers suggests something is amiss. According to their findings, advertisers are still being forced to pay for ads despite YouTube’s systems flagging the view as “suspicious” or fraudulently coming from a bot rather than a human. The experiment from researchers at NEC Labs Europe, UC3m, Imdea, and Polito, was conducted in three stages. First the researchers uploaded videos to YouTbe and set up… Read more »

Twitter Goes Half-In On HTTPS Starting October 1st

Posted on 09.22.15 by Taylor Ball

Google made big news earlier this year when it declared it would favor sites that switch to HTTPS, and now Twitter is taking a similar path. A member of Twitter’s development team published a thread on the Twitter Community forum explaining the company’s future plans for HTTPS and setting a deadline for the company’s switch the HTTPS. Starting October 1st, Twitter will begin utilizing HTTPS for all new outbound links, meaning any new link you share will be packed in “”. This way Twitter can securely send users to their intended destination, even when the destination page is not an… Read more »