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Facebook Makes It Easier To See If Your Ads Are Driving Sales

Posted on 01.28.15 by Taylor Ball

Facebook is making it a lot easier to measure the amount of new business you get from ads on the social media site, according to a new announcement from the company.   Facebook has always made it easy to see how your ads are performing in terms of clicks and views, but gauging actual sales from ads hasn’t been so easy. Now, a mew metric called ‘conversion lift measurement’, Facebook claims they can accurately measure the amount of business attributed to ads. Here’s how conversion lift is measured: When a Facebook campaign begins, two groups are created. One is a… Read more »

Long Loading Times May Be Costing You

Posted on 01.27.15 by Taylor Ball

Do you know the fastest way to lose potential customers on your website? You might think it would be by creating a page with poor usability, illegible text, or you could get creative and put offensive images on your front page. No matter your choice, there is something that can lose visitors before they even get the chance to see any of those options – long loading times. Consumers simply don’t accept having to wait for what someone else can offer faster, and this is especially true online. The average consumer is willing to wait approximately five seconds before they… Read more »

Facebook Continues to Lead Social Traffic Referrals

Posted on 01.26.15 by Taylor Ball

Over the past year, more than a few people have predicted the death of Facebook. They cite the shrinking number of teens signing up for the social site and the increasing difficulty for brands to get organic exposure as proof the end is near. But, a new report from Shareaholic show Facebook is still going strong. Facebook has consistently been the leader in social referral traffic for years, and their share of traffic referrals is only growing especially during the last quarter of 2014. In fact, Shareaholic’s data suggests Facebook may be responsible for nearly a quarter of all traffic… Read more »

Pinterest Is Trying to Woo Male Users With Gender-Based Search Results

Posted on 01.23.15 by Taylor Ball

While Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular social media sites around, it is no secret that the company struggles to attract men. The problem is so widely known, Wall Street Journal profiled the company’s attempts to bring more men onto their site today. The latest estimates from comScore indicate up to 71% of Pinterest’s 72.5 million visitors in December 2014 were female, and a recent Pew Research survey found that only 13% of American online men use the site. Despite this, Pinterest claims it doubled the number of male users last year, but it still isn’t out… Read more »

New Facebook Tool Helps You Target Your Ads For Super Bowl XLIX

Posted on 01.22.15 by Taylor Ball

The Super Bowl is quite possibly the biggest single day for advertisers. There aren’t many other times you’ll hear anyone proclaim they are watching something “just for the commercials.” But, it has always been difficult for online marketers to get into the mix. That all might be changing as Facebook has announced a new tool to help online advertisers target people interested in the “Big Game.” The “Big Game” targeting segment allows advertisers to reach people specifically based on real-time online discussions related to the Super Bowl. According to the announcement, the segment will go much further than simply targeting… Read more »