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Facebook introduces new advertising restrictions for addiction treatment and bail bond businesses

Posted on 08.10.18 by Taylor Ball

Facebook is launching new advertising restrictions on who can promote on their platform to protect users from questionable brands or business practices. The company announced it will no longer allow for bail bond services to promote their businesses on the social network. Additionally, addiction treatment centers will only be allowed to advertise if they have been approved by LegitScript, a third-party verification service. The new restrictions apply across Facebook’s entire advertising platform, including on the Facebook Audience Network and Instagram. “Addiction treatment centers that advertise to people in the US on Facebook will now be required to have certification from LegitScript,… Read more »

See how your Google My Business Posts are performing with new Insights

Posted on 08.08.18 by Taylor Ball

Google My Business is adding new Insights showing how Posts from businesses are doing. This means you can now monitor your Posts and see what type of content works best for the unique placement. For those unfamiliar, Posts are a feature of Google My Business which allow businesses to create social media-like content and highlight it within their GMB listing. As posts only last for 7 days, they are a great place for letting customers know about special short-term promotions and sales. The new Insights for GMB Posts were announced by a GMB Community Manager who said: “We’re excited to… Read more »

Facebook removes the ability to cross-post from Twitter, other apps

Posted on 08.06.18 by Taylor Ball

For years, Facebook has made it easy to integrate your other social media accounts from across the web, by allowing users to cross-post content from one platform onto Facebook. For instance, Twitter users were able to share their Tweets on Facebook without ever leaving Twitter’s platform. That all changed last week, however, when Facebook officially deprecated its Publish actions permissions from its API, effectively making it impossible for other social networks to include built-in cross-posting. According to Facebook, this move affects approximately 60,000 apps – including some big hitters like Twitter. Twitter’s support team confirmed the change, though they explain… Read more »

Why Google’s Algorithm Updates Matter, Even If They Don’t Change Much

Posted on 07.30.18 by Taylor Ball

After much ado, Google has rolled out its latest big algorithm update, called the “Speed Update.” And, once again, there has been little to no effect on the search results we see every day. This is the latest in a pattern of big announcements of search algorithm updates that seem to fizzle out into nothing. It would be reasonable for many to stop caring and assume they don’t really need to worry about all these algorithm updates. They would be wrong. Why Google’s Algorithm Updates Matter The other trend running through Google’s latest algorithm updates is that they have been… Read more »

YouTube introduces a new way to explore and discover videos with hashtags

Posted on 07.20.18 by Taylor Ball

Hashtags are coming to YouTube. The video platform has begun displaying hashtags on videos to help users search and discover other videos on similar topics. The hashtags appear on any video that has been optimized with the tags in web browsers and the YouTube Android app. So far, the hashtags are not being shown in the iOS app. Up to three hashtags can be shown in blue text above videos’ titles and can be clicked on to open a search containing related videos. Hashtags can be used to conduct manual searches for any video containing that hashtag, even if it… Read more »