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Twitter Expands Analytics Tool With ‘Audience Insights’

Posted on 05.28.15 by Taylor Ball

Smart webmasters and marketers know analytics is the key to online success. Analytics services are the best way to know exactly how your site or content is performing and what you can do to improve it, but it has traditionally been more difficult to monitor your performance on social media through anything other than followers, likes, and retweets. Thankfully, that is all starting to change. Twitter has operated an analytics service for users for over a year, but today they have launched a significant upgrade to its analytics tool which promises to give marketers and webmasters much greater insights into… Read more »

Are You Minding Your Twitter Manners? [Infographic]

Posted on 05.26.15 by Taylor Ball

It is astounding just how much of an impact 140 characters can have. Twitter can be a powerful tool for reaching out and engaging with your audience or even growing a new audience that didn’t exist before, but it can also be a powerful tool for destroying your brand’s reputation. Countless small businesses have been brought down by social media catastrophes, but it doesn’t require a large-scale meltdown to damage your brand on the social platform. All it takes is poor social media etiquette and before long you’ll find yourself facing a ghost town on your Twitter dashboard. Thankfully, it… Read more »

Webmaster Tools Is Dead, Welcome to Google Search Console

Posted on 05.22.15 by Taylor Ball

Over the past decade, website operators have relied on Google Webmaster Tools for ensuring their sites were being properly displayed and indexed across the search giant, but big changes are on the way. Google is rebranding one of its most popular services to Search Console and there a few new features coming with the new name. According to Google, the shakeup is the result of user feedback, as only a small portion of users actually identify as “webmasters.” Google is hoping the new name will help bring the service to a wider user base. “It turns out that the traditional… Read more »

Google-Twitter Deal Brings Tweets To Search Results In a Big Way

Posted on 05.19.15 by Taylor Ball

Earlier this year Google and Twitter announced a deal which promise to bring more tweets to your search results, and that promise is coming true today. Google now includes tweets in a more cohesive and graphical format on mobile devices, including a tweet carousel. Both Twitter and Google announced the news in blog posts today, including examples of how the feature appears, such as the example below which shows how it looks if you search on #madmen. You can also scroll through the carousel to see more results. The placement of the feature isn’t always directly at the top of… Read more »

Facebook and YouTube Can’t Agree On What a Video View Is

Posted on 05.13.15 by Taylor Ball

  Facebook’s video platform is quickly rising as one of the most popular online video services available due to statistics showing marvelously high video view counts, but experts argue Facebook’s numbers may be misleading. While Facebook claims massive view counts, it is entirely possible YouTube may have a larger lead than it appears at first glance. What even is a video view? A video view is the count of how many people watch a video. It can’t be all that complicated, right? Wrong. Online, there is a surprising amount of contention over what exactly constitutes a video view. For Facebook,… Read more »