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Enhance your email with AMP for Gmail

Posted on 02.19.18 by Taylor Ball

Google is bringing its super-fast Accelerated Mobile Pages to email the company announced this week. During its conference in email, the company unveiled that developers can now take advantage of the mobile-friendly AMP framework when developing emails for Gmail. The decision gives people the ability to create faster, sleeker emails with a higher level of interaction than typically possible. Among the many things you can do by incorporating AMP into Gmail, Google recommends: Creating content that is kept up-to-date in real-time The ability for recipients to browse and interact with content Users getting more done in less time without having… Read more »

Google launches its own ad blocker for Chrome

Posted on 02.15.18 by Taylor Ball

Starting today, Google’s own web browser will start blocking troublesome ads across the net. The company has been warning they would be launching their own ad blocker since last June, and has officially started rolling out. By default, Google’s Chrome browser will remove ads from sites that use disruptive ad techniques. “A big source of frustration is annoying ads: video ads that play at full blast or giant pop-ups where you can’t seem to find the exit icon,” said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, vice president for Chrome. “These ads are designed to be disruptive and often stand in the way of people… Read more »

Facebook makes organic reach counts more accurate

Posted on 02.13.18 by Taylor Ball

  Facebook is making some tweaks to Page Insights that might make Page owners a bit frustrated but are actually valuable changes in the long run. The biggest update is in how Facebook will calculate organic reach for content. In the past, reach has been measured based on how many times a post is loaded by a user’s device. However, this caused an issue where posts were counted as “viewed” despite never actually making it onto a user’s screen. Now, Facebook has begun calculating reach based specifically on when a post is shown on a person’s screen. That means your… Read more »

See your SEO performance through Google’s eyes with Chrome browser extension

Posted on 02.07.18 by Taylor Ball

Google has announced a new set of tools for its Chrome Lighthouse developers extension that may finally make the tool relevant for both marketers and business owners The Lighthouse extension is adding SEO audit metrics that make the tool an easy and fast way to see how Google perceives your website and what needs a tune-up. The browser plugin already contains audits for things like performance, progressive web apps, accessibility, and Google best practices, but the inclusion of SEO metrics make it an all-in-one way to review your website’s performance. A small (but revealing) look at your SEO Of course,… Read more »

Instagram tests triple-feature carousel ads with advertisers

Posted on 02.01.18 by Taylor Ball

Instagram has introduced a new way for brands to tell their Stories, with expanded photo and video carousels. In the past, brands could only include a single photo or video in their Story ads. Now, a limited number of advertisers can triple that with three consecutive photos or videos, as the company announced today. For now, the expanded ad unit is only available to 12 brands, such as California Pizza Kitchen, Netflix, and Paramount. However, it is also opening the format, which it is calling “carousel ads for Instagram Stories” to brands buying ads through automated ad-buying firms. It is… Read more »