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Twitter Announces New “Improved Timeline”

Posted on 02.11.16 by Taylor Ball

Twitter is calling its latest new feature an improvement to their timeline, but many users disagree. The new Improved is an algorithm-based feature which uses data collected from a user’s previous activity on Twitter to show them the tweets that are of most interest to them at the top of their timeline. The goal, according to Twitter, is to make sure users see all the most “important” tweets for them as soon as they log in. Directly below this section of most important tweets, users will find the traditional reverse-chronological timeline they’ve come to know and love. While Twitter is… Read more »

Google Is Urging Business Owners To Update Their Knowledge Graph Listings

Posted on 02.10.16 by Taylor Ball

Have your checked your business’s Knowledge Graph information lately? If you haven’t, you may be hearing from Google the next time you perform a search. Recently, Dan Leveille discovered that Google is proactively reaching out to searchers and urging them to keep their business listing up-to-date. If you haven’t checked on your listings recently, you may see a similar alert to the one below next time you sign in with a Google account associated with a Google My Business page. Leveille notes: “Other than asking developers to include social profile data, this seems like the first time Google is proactively… Read more »

Mobile Wins Super Bowl 50 When It Comes To Search

Posted on 02.09.16 by Taylor Ball

Online searchers are increasingly turning to mobile devices during the biggest trending moments, and this year’s super bowl makes that clearer than ever. According to Google, 82 percent of all TV ad-driven searches during the Super Bowl came from smartphones, a 12-point increase from last year. Desktop continues to trail mobile searches with just 11 percent of Super Bowl searches during the game, while tablets accounted for only 7 percent. In total, Google says the big ads during this year’s Super Bowl drove over 7.5 million incremental searches. That is a 40 percent increase compared to last year’s game. Perhaps… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know To Boost Valentine’s Day Sales [Infographic]

Posted on 02.08.16 by Taylor Ball

Valentine’s Day is just over the horizon, and many people are just starting to plan their romantic evening and searching for the perfect gift for their sweethearts. For many industries, such as flowers and gift cards, this week is their biggest shopping period of the year. The US floral industry alone is predicted to rake in $3.3 billion by Valentine’s Day. Whether you sell romantic gifts online, provide romantic getaways for couples, or are a local restaurant, now is the perfect time to boost your holiday sales. This infographic from The Shelf can help you make the most of the… Read more »

How To Get People To Share Your Brand’s Videos

Posted on 02.05.16 by Taylor Ball

How do you get people to share your brand’s video? That’s the question posed by a recent survey from Wyzowl. The findings show people are very open to sharing, but you have to connect with them the right way. An absolute majority (97%) of US consumers said they would be willing to share a video from a brand with their friends on social media, while 70% said they have already shared a brand’s video in the past. The survey collected data from 150 consumers and 140 marketing professionals. The best way to get people to start clicking the share button… Read more »