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Why Is Duplicate Content a Problem?

Posted on 07.21.14 by Taylor Ball

Duplicate content has been an important topic for webmasters for years. It should be absolutely no secret by now that duplicate content is generally dangerous to a site and usually offers no value, but there are occasional reasons for duplicate content to exist. Of course, there are very real risks with hosting a significant amount of duplicate content, but often the fear is larger than the actual risk of penalties – so long as you aren’t taking advantage and purposely posting excessive duplicate content. Google’s John Mueller puts the risk of using duplicate content in the best context,. According to… Read more »

Google Analytics Comes to iOS

Posted on 07.18.14 by Taylor Ball

It’s been a long time coming, but starting yesterday you can download the official Google Analytics app for iPhone and iPod Touch. The Android version of the app has been available for quite a while, but naturally there was a delay before Google pushed it out to Apple devices. While the app can run on the majority of Apple mobile devices, it is optimized for the iPhone 5 and requires a device running iOS 6.0 or later. There aren’t a bunch of new features, but the app opens the opportunity for webmasters to keep up to date with Analytics on… Read more »

Recent Studies Suggest Organic Search Is Responsible For More Traffic Than Previously Thought

Posted on 07.16.14 by Taylor Ball

Google Analytics is easily one of the most trusted analytics platforms out there, but new findings are suggesting it may not be as accurate as once thought. Most recently, Groupon published a study which indicates that as much as 60% of what Google Analytics calls “direct traffic” is actually from organic search. The study was conducted by Groupon’s Director of Product Management, who manages their organic search. While not entirely scientific, his study involved completely deindexing Groupon from Google for 6 hours. Deindexing means absolutely no traffic would be coming from Google for the duration of the study, which allowed… Read more »

Google Gives You Another Reason To Not Use Flash With Warnings For Mobile Users

Posted on 07.15.14 by Taylor Ball

Adobe Flash and mobile devices go together like oil and water. Since the release of the first iPhone it was clear that Flash, Adobe’s multimedia based web site technology, would not be coming to cell phones any time soon. Years later, after the release of several generations of smartphones and the release of tablets, and it is even clearer that Flash is all but dead and will never be a part of the modern ‘device agnostic’ approach to web design. Unfortunately many webmasters still use it. That may not be the case for long, as Google has stepped up their… Read more »

How Can You Boost Your Facebook Engagement for Free?

Posted on 07.14.14 by Taylor Ball

Brands have been complaining for quite some time that their Facebook engagement has been plummeting, especially for smaller brands who rely on organic reach to connect with their audience. Of course, plenty of analysts and SEO “gurus” have offered their fair share of strategies for increasing engagement, but most of these can be very expensive. Some would even cost more than giving in and using Facebook’s paid ad platform. Don’t let that get you down though. Organic reach and engagement may be nosediving, but there are still free ways you can boost your page’s engagement. Just ask a few members… Read more »