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New Report On Mobile Shopping Holds Great Insights for Advertisers

Posted on 09.19.14 by Taylor Ball

The latest “audience insights” report for Q2 of this year from NinthDecimal was released this week and the findings about shopping on mobile devices could have a big influence on how marketers think about on-the-go research and conversions. The report shows that smartphones are quickly becoming the primary way users research retail purchases, which should be of little surprise. However, the findings also show that research on tablets has been significantly declining which may suggest a troubling future for the devices. NinthDecimal says they believe the decline is due to increasing consumer comfort with shopping on smartphones, especially as screen… Read more »

Facebook Creates New Webpage To Help Content Creators and Marketers

Posted on 09.18.14 by Taylor Ball

Facebook has become a bit of a source of conflict among many content marketers as organic reach has plummeted in recent years, however most stick around because the social media platform still has a massive impact when it works. In an effort to satisfy content creators and marketers, Facebook has introduced a new subpage called Facebook Media that highlights how content can help public figures and organizations connect with their audiences. Along with sharing success stories, Facebook says they will also share data and best practices which will help other content creators increase the effect of their own Facebook marketing…. Read more »

Is Google Going To Listen To Your TV Before Giving Search Results?

Posted on 09.17.14 by Taylor Ball

Yesterday morning, Bill Slawski from SEO By The Sea discovered that Google has been granted a patent which suggests they are working on a method to use information about what is showing on television in your area as a ranking signal in search results. The patents follow Google’s trend of trying to individualize search results based on personal tastes and location, and in some ways it has already been in use within Google Now. However if the method used in the patent is implemented TV schedules could have a much larger impact on your results. The specific patent is named… Read more »

Can Your Brand Benefit From an App? This Report May Help You Decide

Posted on 09.16.14 by Taylor Ball

As online marketing tries to adapt to smartphones and social media, another burgeoning opportunity to establish a brand is growing.¬†Apps are quickly becoming part of every day life for many people, and a new analysis from Localytics shows that people are spending more time with them than ever. In the past year, time spent with apps has risen 21 percent. Another recent report from comScore also suggests app usage now makes up more than half of the total time people spend with digital media. According to Localytics’ report, app session has remained fairly constant since the past year, but users… Read more »

An Essential Glossary for SEO

Posted on 09.15.14 by Taylor Ball

Online marketing can be difficult for newcomers to get a grasp on thanks to the absolutely huge amount of jargon involved. It can be mind boggling to attempt to work through all the terms without any clear or simple explanation offered. Worst of all, context often doesn’t help because these terms often rely on an understanding of other specialized words and jargon. If link bait or link spam are foreign words or a Google bomb sounds like a weapon of mass destruction, you could most likely benefit from a glossary that explains all the strange language surrounding SEO. Thankfully,… Read more »