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Google To Penalize Sites Who Use Intrusive Interstitials

Posted on 08.24.16 by Taylor Ball

Has your brand or business been using large pop-ups to gather email addresses or asking people to like you on Facebook? You might be in trouble with Google if you don’t change your site soon. Google has announced it will begin to penalize sites with intrusive pop-ups or interstitials starting January 10, 2017. As Google defines them, intrusive interstitials are pop-ups that block the main content on a screen until an action is taken. While this can be an effective way to ask visitors to take action, most people find these annoying because it serves as a roadblock before they… Read more »

Google Is Testing Letting Brands Post Straight To The Front Page of SERPs

Posted on 08.22.16 by Taylor Ball

Early this year, Google took advantage of the US Presidential election to test a new feature allowing candidates to publish messages straight to the front page of search results. Then, in March, the company expanded this test to include a tiny number of small businesses. Now, Google is widening their tests yet again – increasing from “tens” of small business to “thousands”. Even more, the company is taking the feature international with tests in Brazil and India, as Google confirmed to Mike Blumenthal this week. Google hasn’t announced the name of the new feature, but Blumenthal has already captured a… Read more »

22 Reasons For Your Brand To Get On Instagram Today

Posted on 08.19.16 by Taylor Ball

Instagram is still typically thought of as a niche social platform. But, with over 300 million daily active users and counting, the Facebook-owned app is far from a scrappy upstart.  It’s a hugely popular platform that is still being overlooked by advertisers and brands. Brands that incorporate Instagram into their social media strategy have been shown to receive high levels of engagement and brand awareness. Even more, the platform has been shown to be a powerful lead generation tool. These aren’t the only reasons your brand could benefit from being on Instagram. In fact, Buzzoid compiled 22 reasons you should… Read more »

Twitter Lets Select Brands Create Their Own Searchable Emoji “#Stickers”

Posted on 08.18.16 by Taylor Ball

Earlier this year, Twitter rolled out a new feature known as #Stickers that let users add searchable emoji to their photos posted on the social platform. Since then, Twitter says millions of photos containing #Stickers have been tweeted and shared around the world. Initially, the emoji available for these “virtual hashtags” were limited to the options Twitter created. However, the site is starting to open the door to allow brands to create their own #Stickers as an ad type called Promoted Stickers. As Twitter says in their announcement: “Brands can design four or eight stickers — like accessories and other… Read more »

Pinterest Adds A New Way To Bid On Ads

Posted on 08.12.16 by Taylor Ball

Pinterest is continuing to bulk up its ad platform by allowing advertisers to now buy ads based on how much they want to pay for impressions, the company announced today. In the past, advertisers were only allowed to choose how much they wanted to pay for engagement. Along with the new way to purchase ads, Pinterest has also added frequency capping to their ad services. “Now you can bid on a CPM [cost-per-thousand impressions] basis and we’ll optimize how we deliver your ads to reach more people,” according to a Pinterest blog post. “You can also specify the maximum number… Read more »