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Gary Illyes Shares More Information About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal

Posted on 03.05.15 by Taylor Ball

After months of hints, Google officially announced they would be including mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in their search engine results last week. Now we are getting more information about how the mobile-friendliness signal will be implemented when it goes into effect next month. Google’s Gary Illyes answered several questions about the new ranking signal at SMX West, where he explained the ranking factor would operate in real time and works on a page-by-page basis. The conversation started when Gary was asked if there was a deadline for when webmasters need to have their sites updates to avoid being negatively… Read more »

Make Your Social Media Profiles Look Best With Ideal Image Sizes [Infographic]

Posted on 03.04.15 by Taylor Ball

Social media is all about crafting an image and that starts at the profile and cover photos. These pictures are the first things visitors see when they come to your profile, and it is essential to maintain a consistent image across social media. Unfortunately, trying to prepare your photos in the ideal sizes and specifications for the wide array of social media platforms can be a headache. Every single social media site has their own specific sizes for images and many of the specs can seem almost random. Facebook requires 851px by 315px, while Google calls for 1080px by 608px… Read more »

12 Stats For Improving Your Twitter Presence [Infographic]

Posted on 03.02.15 by Taylor Ball

While Facebook may be the most popular social media platform, some brands are discovering Twitter can be just as effective for growing your business and turning followers into leads and sales. However, it isn’t always easy to start building a real fruitful presence on the site. According to Search Engine Journal, only 34% of marketers on Twitter are successful at finding leads on Twitter. Does that mean the hugely popular service isn’t fertile land for marketing? Not necessarily. You just have to understand Twitter before you can expect to start finding good leads. Too many companies just Tweet whatever they… Read more »

Google Makes Mobile-Friendliness and Indexed Apps Official Ranking Factors

Posted on 02.27.15 by Taylor Ball

Google has been giving webmasters some pretty heavy hints that mobile-friendliness was important to the search engine, and today the company made it official. Mobile-friendliness and indexed apps are officially ranking factors in search results. The motive behind the addition to the search engine algorithms is fairly obvious. People are using mobile devices more and more to search the web, and mobile-focused ranking factors such as these are the best way to ensure quality results no matter what device you come from. The mobile algorithm update won’t take effect until April 21, so you have time to make any necessary… Read more »

Facebook Ads Manager Lets You Control Your Ads On The Go

Posted on 02.26.15 by Taylor Ball

This week, Facebook introduced a new mobile ‘Ads Manager’ app which claims to make it easier for the over 800,000 monthly advertisers on the site to manage ads on the go. The new Ads Manager app allows advertisers to create new ads, as well as tweak and monitor existing ads on the fly. It also includes budgeting and scheduling features. This means increasing budgets for well-performing ads or drafting up new ads is as easy as pulling out your phone, no matter where you are. The Ads Manager app is available now for American iOS users, and the company says… Read more »