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Google My Business lets you share service menus in your listings

Posted on 04.12.18 by Taylor Ball

Menus aren’t just for restaurants on Google anymore. Google My Business has finally expanded their menu feature to allow businesses to create and share a service menu describing the various services you offer and their prices. The process is very simple. You just select the “Info” tab in the Google My Business dashboard and get started adding your services. The menus can be organized by name, description, and price for each item. You can also group specific items into different sections. Google’s Allyson Wright announced the news yesterday in the Google My Business Help forums, saying: “Back in January we… Read more »

Check if Facebook shared your info with Cambridge Analytica

Posted on 04.10.18 by Taylor Ball

Days before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify to Congress about the social network’s role in allowing Cambridge Analytica to exploit user data, Facebook is working to make it easy to see if your information was shared with the scandal-plagued analytics firm. Facebook has published a new section within its help center called “How can I tell if my info was shared with Cambridge Analytica.” You can also quickly find the page by simply searching “Cambridge or Cambridge Analytica” in the Facebook search bar. If you’re logged into your Facebook account, this page will automatically inform you whether… Read more »

Bing adds more ads to the bottom of search results, removes sidebar text ads

Posted on 03.28.18 by Taylor Ball

Bing is changing up how ads appear in its search engine by increasing the number of ads present at the bottom of the page and removing text ads from the sidebar of search results for US users. Specifically, Bing is increasing from 3 bottom-of-the-page ads to 4 ads and removing sidebar text ads in the United States. Product ads, on the other hand, will remain within the sidebar. This change also means that Bing will no longer be allowing advertisers from the US to run sidebar text ads at all. According to the announcement, Bing was motivated to remove sidebar… Read more »

Pinterest opens its Shopping Ads to hundreds of businesses

Posted on 03.21.18 by Taylor Ball

Pinterest’s Shopping Ads, which create ads directly from your existing Pins and content, have officially moved out of testing and been made available to hundreds of advertisers across the country. Shopping Ads launched to a handful of major brands last year, including Ulta Beauty, Venus, Overstock, and Lowe’s. The ad format pulled images from product feeds to instantly generate ads. “With Shopping Ads, businesses can seamlessly turn their product catalog into visual, actionable ads,” writes Shounak Simlai on the Pinterest Business Blog. “Since Shopping Ads pull automatically from an existing product feed, they’re especially useful for brands that want to… Read more »

Google says it is blocking more than 100 “bad ads” per second

Posted on 03.19.18 by Taylor Ball

Google has released its latest “Bad Ads” report, which shows the search giant is cracking down harder than ever on ads that violate its advertising policies. In total, the search engine and ad platform has removed over 3.2 billion ads in 2017, nearly doubling the 1.7 billion ads removed in 2016. “That’s more than 100 bad ads per second!” writes Google’s director of sustainable ads, Scott Spencer. The highlights from the report include: 79 million ads were taken down for sending users to malware-laden sites. 400,000 malware sites were blocked 66 million “trick-to-click” ads were removed 48 million ads that… Read more »