Use Tumblr To Reach Younger Audience


Though it seems that Facebook’s users are beginning to skew older each year, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can no longer reach the under 20 crowd there. But, there are certainly more direct approaches if you desire a bump in conversions from a younger market. Tumlbr is one of the social media alternatives that not only boasts a huge share of 13-25 year olds’ web traffic, but has also begun to make a significant push to improve their advertising options.

Sheila Shayon reports for Brand Channel that Tumblr is valued at $800-million, so if you haven’t heard of it, or still consider it a lower-tier social networking site, it is time to catch up. Multiple media deals have been handed out to Tumlbr authors, which means an increase in both users and visitors is likely on the horizon. Now seems like the time to capitalize so keep your eye out for announcements in the near future about ways Tumblr is welcoming in advertisers.

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