The Death of SEO, as Predicted 12 Years Ago


SEO is dead!  Come the cries from doubters, and they do vocalize it occasionally.  The latest is from a man named Robert Scoble.  He doesn’t exactly say SEO is dead, but he questions its validity.

Well, SEO (and internet marketing, in general) is not a static element.  There are always changes that fit into it.  For people who think SEO is just making some on-page tweaks, then that alone will not do a lot.  And as more people and businesses get online, that limited amount of result that pure on-page/on-site adjustments will get will only go down.

SEO has been questioned on how effective it truly is for years now, and many have said it wouldn’t last.  As long as 12 years ago.  Well, it’s lasted, and personally I think it will last – maybe not in exactly the same fashion, but it’s not going to go away.

Danny Sullivan had a lot of interesting points to say (as well as responding directly to Robert – check his post) in Search Engine Land.  Of all people, I think Danny is someone who is worth listening to when it comes to predicting the progress of SEO.  Check out his full post to see more.

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