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Pinterest is giving business pages a makeover that highlights their boards and buyable pins – just in time for the holidays.

The biggest change is the addition of the new rotating showcase. This allows you to show off up to five of your boards and your buyable pins all in one, easy-to-view location.


“You can use the new showcase space to highlight anything from seasonal content to your all-time best ideas – whatever helps tell the unique story of your business,” according to Pinterest.

The rotating showcase can be updated as often as you like, which means you can use it for a whole host of things. For example, you can update your showcase to put a seasonal spin on your page or share items on sale for a limited time.

That isn’t all that Pinterest is rolling out, though. The site is also making several cosmetic changes to business pages:

  • New tabs are available for organizing your boards and pins.
  • Pins you’ve liked are now only visible to you.
  • The showcase will replace your most recent pins on mobile.
  • You can now pick new board covers from mobile devices.

The company says it has also tweaked its layouts to ensure a more consistent experience from smartphone to desktop, and everywhere in between.

“The boards you showcase, the cover images you choose for each board—they look the same no matter where people choose to view your profile.”

The changes have already begun to roll out to all devices and should be available to all users.


Pinterest is continuing to bulk up its ad platform by allowing advertisers to now buy ads based on how much they want to pay for impressions, the company announced today. In the past, advertisers were only allowed to choose how much they wanted to pay for engagement.

Along with the new way to purchase ads, Pinterest has also added frequency capping to their ad services.

“Now you can bid on a CPM [cost-per-thousand impressions] basis and we’ll optimize how we deliver your ads to reach more people,” according to a Pinterest blog post. “You can also specify the maximum number of times someone sees your campaign. By using this new solution, you’ll get more impressions for your campaigns at more efficient rates and drive higher results.”

This latest move continues Pinterest’s trend of expanding their advertising offerings to bring in more businesses. Earlier this year, the company increased the number of targeting options for ads. They have also made Buyable Pins available to users on all devices, including desktop.

While advertisers have been able to bid for how much they are willing to pay for engagement, Pinterest’s CPM-based ads were only available at fixed prices until now. These prices typically ranged between $30 and $40. Those prices should go down as the new bidding process will increase competition.

The feature is just rolling out, but already JCPenney, The Home Depot, and General Mills are running tests with the new CPM-based ads. The new ads are already available for all business in the U.S, UK, and Canada. More countries are expected to come in the future.

PinterestAfter months of anticipation, Pinterest’s Buyable Pins have finally come to Android. The long-awaited e-commerce feature was launched for iPhone and iPad users back in July, but the service only started rolling out for Android users last week.

The company also announced that it is launching “The Pinterest Shop,” which is a curated collection of Buyable Pins and products from retailers.

With Buyable Pins, Pinterest users are able to purchase items from retailers with just a few clicks and never have to leave the social bookmarking platform. It is a great time for Pinterest to be rolling out Buyable Pins to Android users, as the holiday season is starting to kick into gear.

Pinterest has reportedly been pleased with the success of Buyable Pins. The company said the number of Buyable Pins on the network had more than doubled to 60 million and that the feature was largely bringing in new customers.

Last month, the company expanded access to the service to three more major e-commerce platforms: Bigcommerce, Magento, and IBM commerce. These platforms are joining launch partners Shopify and Demandware.

The company says it plans to eventually allow businesses to promote Buyable Pins, but currently it is focused on featuring them organically in the home feed, category feeds, search results, recommendations, and Pin boards. It will also be promoting Buyable Pins in The Pinterest Shop, which the company describes as “a destination where you’ll find on trend collections of Buyable Pins and retailer shops, handpicked by us.”