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What is CCPA and Does It Apply To You?

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The CCPA or California Consumer Privacy Act is a law recently enacted in California which extends privacy protections for residents.

Advertisers Boycott Facebook Ads In Push For Content Reform

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A growing number of brands are hitting pause on their Facebook ads for the month of July as part of the Stop Hate for Profit boycott.  The advertisers, including some of the biggest brands on earth like Coca-Cola, Pfizer, and Unilever,…

People Are Spending More Time With LinkedIn Content Since Lockdown

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LinkedIn has seen a swell of new content creation, consumption, and engagement this year, as many work to make the most of the recent months of lockdowns and reduced business.

Google Makes New "Promoted Pins" Ads Free Through September

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Google is launching a new way to promote your brand with smart campaigns in Google Maps called Promoted Pins - and they are free for advertisers through September.  Until the end of September 2020, advertisers running smart campaigns…

Google My Business Adds 4 New Attributes For Online Services

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Google is introducing four new attributes you can add to your GMB listing - all of which highlight online services you might provide.

Nextdoor Welcomes Branded Content With 'Business Posts'

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The popular hyper-local community app Nextdoor is introducing new ways for local businesses to connect with their nearby audience with "Business Posts".

Let your voice be heard on Twitter with Voice Tweets

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Twitter is introducing a new way to tweet using just your voice - called simply Voice Tweets. The company announced this week that voice tweets will soon be among the many different ways you can tweet, such as using photos, videos, and regular…
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Google's New Ad Rules Create Big Problems For Some Advertisers

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Google released a few sneaky updates to their advertising policies which could have a dramatic impact on many advertisers in the near future.

Facebook is Loosening Their Restrictions on Selling Face Masks

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Facebook announced this week that it is relaxing its restrictions on selling non-medical face masks.