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Yelp Announces Its “Biggest Update In Years”

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Yelp has revealed 3 new features aimed to make it easier for brands to connect with customers and to improve user trust in the brands they find on the platform.

Explaining The 3 Types of Crawlers Google Uses To Understand The Web

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Google recently updated a help document with information about the three types of web crawlers it uses to "see" websites and their contents.

Microsoft Advertising Cuts Twitter Access To Major Ad Tools

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Microsoft Advertising has begun alerting users that it is cutting support for Twitter across its platform starting April 25, 2023.
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Google’s Gary Illyes Explains Why Your Site May Stop Ranking For a Keyword

Typically when a site starts ranking worse for one keyword, the effect is also seen for several of the other keywords it ranks for. So what does it mean when a website only loses rankings for one keyword? According to Google’s Gary Illyes,…

New LinkedIn Ads Study Finds What Makes The Most Effective Ads

If you’ve ever wanted to know the secret to get the best response on LinkedIn Ads, Vidmob’s recently released report on global advertising trends on the platform may be exactly what you’re looking for.

AI Is On The Way To Google Ads According To New Test

The rise of AI continues as Google Ads has started testing using artificial intelligence to help advertisers create the message for their ads.

Twitter Makes Its Source Code Public, Here’s What You Need To Know

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Following leaks, Twitter has made its content recommendation algorithm completely available to the public - laying bare how the social network works and what sort of posts are most likely to succeed.  Along with a lot of interesting…
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Google Blocked Over 5.2 Billion Ads In 2022 According To Annual Ads Safety Report

Google released its annual Ads Safety Report this week, highlighting the company's efforts to guarantee advertising on its platforms is safe and trusted.
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Google Announces 5 New Ways To Learn More About Your Search Results

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Just ahead of International Fact-Checking Day on April 2, Google announced a wave of new features intended to make it easier for users to learn more about where their information is coming from.