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How Does YouTube Choose Which Videos to Recommend?

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YouTube VP of Engineering, Cristos Goodrow, recently went in-depth to explain for the first time exactly how YouTube's recommended video algorithms work.

LinkedIn Finally Lets Brands Publish Long-Form Content and More

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LinkedIn is launching new ways for brands to publish content on the platform, including removing character restrictions on posts from Pages.

The Trends and Topics To Watch on Facebook and Instagram from Q2 2021

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The latest edition of the Facebook and Instagram “Topics to Watch” report shines a spotlight on the top three topics from both platforms.

94% of Consumers Used Online Business Listings This Year, According to New Report

A new survey by BrightLocal shows that 94% of consumers use business listings websites to find local businesses and more.

Understanding Facebook and Instagram's New Verification Guidelines

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To clarify who can be verified, how to get verified, and what comes with a verification badge, Facebook recently shared a lengthy post about the process.
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TikTok Offers Tips For Getting The Most Eyes on Your Videos

Ever wonder why some videos perform strongly on TikTok while others struggle to get any eyes or clicks? The social video app wants to help by releasing new four specific tips for increasing your ad performance on the platform. 4 Ways To…

Instagram CEO Explains How To Rank In Search Results

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, goes in-depth on how Instagram ranks search results and how to optimize content for the platform.

Google Says It May Rewrite Page Titles In Search Results

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Google has confirmed that it is sometimes replacing page titles in search results with other copy it finds more relevant.
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Google Tweaked Its Search Engine At Least 4,500 Times in 2020

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In just 2020, Google has changed its search engine more than 4,500 times, according to the newly updated “How Search Works” site.