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Are Your URLs Keeping Google From Indexing Your Pages?

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Google’s John Mueller sheds light on a way the search engine’s systems can go wrong - keeping pages on your site from being indexed.
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Google Opens Hotel Booking Links To All For Free

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Google is making its Hotel Booking Links program available to all hotels and travel companies for free, as the company announced this week.

Google My Business Will Now Tell You How People Find Your Listing

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Google My Business is expanding its performance report for business listings with a new breakdown of how people are finding your listing.
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Twitter Previews Subscription and Community Features

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Twitter confirms it is launching a subscription-like feature which allows users to pay for premium content from content creators or influencers on the platform.

Snapchat Says Its Users Include 70% of 13 to 24 Year Olds

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Snapchat has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and now the company claims its content reaches over 70% of 13 to 24-year-olds.

Report Shows How User-Generated Content Drives More Sales

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Getting your customers to share user-generated content like pictures with your products may be an unexpectedly powerful tool in swaying over other shoppers.

YouTube Shorts Are Coming To US Users In March

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YouTube’s latest video format, called YouTube Shorts, is finally coming to the USA next month, after several months of testing internationally.

Pinterest Sees 37% Growth Thanks To New Users Including Millenials, Gen Z, and Men

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According to a new earnings report, Pinterest's users are more diverse and more engaged than ever.

Highlight How Long You've Been In Business With a New Google My Business Label

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Google My Business has officially launched a new label which highlights the number of years you’ve been in business within local search results.