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The Death of SEO, as Predicted 12 Years Ago

There are always questions on how effective SEO is. Is SEO dead? Dying? Some well-known voices have an opinion.

5 SEO Tips for E-Commerce

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E-commerce sites can be tricky to do SEO for, but there are some basics to doing it well. Here are 5 tips to use for e-commerce SEO.

Power of Suggestion on Google's Search Line

Google suggests things for you as you type. But you can find search strings more powerfully, if you know how.

Facebook's New Privacy Settings

Is info in your Facebook account visible to the public? Find out how to check, and how to change it if you need to.

SEO vs. PPC - Will Use of One Increase with Demand of Another?

Google's new real-time search results are starting to make businesses look more towards PPC because of how easily spammers can get organically listed now.

SEO Jobs: Demand is Going Up For SEO Skills

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Demand is on the rise for people with SEO skills - ideally with a combination of SEO, PPC, social media and web design.

Social Media and SEO: How They Tie Together

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Social media - you have your Facebook. SEO - do you know how to make Facebook work for your site? Doing it right works quite well.

Keywords Meta Tag Testing on Video

How well does the keywords meta tag really work? I tested it out, and put the results on video.

Basics on Quality Score - What It Is

Quality Score. Learn it, love it (or hate it) - it often makes the difference between paying $0.30/click and $10.00/click.