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Google Chrome gives its final warning about switching to HTTPS

Posted on 05.22.18 by Taylor Ball

Google has given webmasters their final warning to convert their sites to HTTPS or be branded as “Not Secure” with a prominent message in the browser bar of all Chrome and all Chrome-based browsers after October of this year. Why is Google doing this? Google has been urging webmasters to switch their sites to the more secure HTTPS security protocol for years, using increasingly drastic measures. Currently, Google is denoting sites that are secure using a green icon in the browser bar. Since so many sites have now adopted the protocol, Google is taking this a step further with a… Read more »

Google begins notifying customers when you respond to reviews

Posted on 05.16.18 by Taylor Ball

Customers who have left a review for your website on Google will now receive notifications via email when you respond, providing even greater incentives for businesses to promptly respond to any reviews they receive. In the past, it was possible a reviewer may have never seen your response unless they deliberately checked on their post. This made it difficult to properly address complaints and provided little reason for businesses to respond to praise. Now, the new email notifications will help ensure both happy and disgruntled customers will see when you’ve responded and help develop better customer interaction. Google has always… Read more »

Responsive search ads help guarantee you always say the right thing on Google

Posted on 05.10.18 by Taylor Ball

Don’t you wish you could somehow run one set of ads with the perfect headline for anyone who sees it, even when they have different needs or interests? AdWords is bringing that fantasy a little closer to reality with Responsive Search Ads. These ad formats, currently in beta and available to some advertisers, allow you to set up one ad with multiple varying headlines and a few different descriptions which are alternated based on your advertising goal and the user’s intent. Interestingly, these ads also get more screen real estate than standard text ads while Google is giving them a… Read more »

Monitor your business page on the go with the new Facebook Analytics App

Posted on 05.03.18 by Taylor Ball

Facebook gives business page owners a lot of information that can be useful for growing your brand and increasing engagement with your business page. However, that information has been limited to just those using the desktop version of the site until recently. This week, Facebook introduced a new Analytics app capable of measuring your business page performance on the go. The app, now available for both iOS and Android, includes all the major metrics you could hope for to keep an eye on your business page even when you’re away from the office or a desktop computer. You can also… Read more »

Google begins sending notifications about mobile-first indexing

Posted on 05.01.18 by Taylor Ball

Google is sending emails to webmasters that are being migrated to the search engine’s new mobile-first index. If your site gets indexed, Google will start choosing the mobile version of your site as the default choice – meaning your site is fast enough and optimized for mobile users. The search engine first said they would start sending notifications to websites being migrated into the mobile-first index, but the emails have only started being actually seen in the wild over the past few days. The notifications are coming a bit late, considering Google has confirmed that it began moving websites over… Read more »