Video Ads Through AdWords – 5 Quick Tips

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YouTube could be a useful tool for companies looking to boost their customer base through advertising. This tactic has worked for businesses, movies and many other entities in need of a boost. Five basic reasons why you should try YouTube Ads:

  1. Setup is easy – Inside of Google AdWords, create a new campaign, and choose “Online video”. Then, inside the “Shared library” section, choose “Link YouTube accounts” and connect a YouTube account that you own that contains a video you want to advertise. The rest is similar to standard AdWords ads.
  2. Not overly expensive – YouTube ads are still relatively new to many advertisers, so the competition hasn’t driven up costs yet. Your Cost Per View is small compared to relevant Cost Per Click costs.
  3. Free link back to site – It’s a “Call-to-action overlay”. Find this option inside your AdWords video campaign. It will allow you to place a link and call to action back to your site on top of your video.
  4. Options to show – You’ve got four different ways to display the video: in search results, as an option for viewers to choose your video before watching their video on YouTube, as a suggested video in the list of recommended videos next a video playback, and as a preview before a requested video on YouTube.
  5. It works – Video is still growing and a good advertisement created through video, when done right, will get results.


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5 Reasons to Try YouTube Ads & Setup Tips – iMedia Connection (blog)

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