How To Do Business Research With AdWords and PPC


Pay per click campaigns are sometimes great ways to generate interest and sales within a business at a low-cost bargain. But what some people fail to realize are that these PPC scenarios also give business owners huge insight into businesses and who and where their customer base comes from. Because the systems track information from the clickers, the business owner can learn a lot about its customer base.

Five quick details data from PPC can tell you about your business:

  1. Brand marketing results – You can put your business brand into a campaign and track exactly how many searches your brand gets daily.
  2. Landing page performance – If you narrow down your PPC campaign to a tightly targeted relevant search audience and are getting good CTRs from your ads, the conversion rates will say a lot about the quality of your landing page and whether or not it needs revision.
  3. USP testing – AdWords ads are a great place to test out various Unique Selling Propositions for your business. Try doing a split test with two different USPs in your ads, see which comes out with a better CTR and conversion rate. This USP can be used for other advertising after testing here.
  4. Keyword usage – Checking your “Search Query” results in AdWords is worthwhile. In your Keywords tab, click “Keyword details” and check either selected keywords or all keywords shown. Here you’ll see what people are really searching for, and you can adjust your site content and ads to match these phrases.
  5. Product popularity – Find out how many people are looking to buy specific products online by targeting these products by keyword, each product uniquely. Seeing the response to this can tell you if it’s worth putting more time in to online attention or not for certain products, as well as how much product you should have available for your target market.

Using these tips should help you use PPC effectively to do business research and improve your ROI.

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