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Establishing yourself on social media and gaining plenty of followers and friends has numerous benefits for your search engine optimization and even site traffic, but just being retweeted and getting plenty of likes doesn’t necessarily translate to paying customers or conversions.

As Entrepreneur shared, Wishpond, creator of numerous social-media focused marketing applications, surveyed companies and found that roughly 77 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers have gained customers through Facebook, but business-to-business (B2B) marketers tend to be more successful on LinkedIn.

Just knowing that little bit of information can help focus your social media strategy and mold it to fit your marketing strategy, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. An under-informed social media campaign is like blindly shooting at a target and hoping to get a bullseye. Sure, it’s possible, but you have much better chances if you keep your eyes open and aim your weapon.

Thankfully, Wishpond created an infographic (seen below, click to enlarge) with tons of information which can help you create an informed socia media marketing campaign, and turn likes into conversions. With all this information, you can create an effective social media campaign that matches your marketing strategy.

How To Use Social Media To Create Conversions

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Maintaining an entertaining and engaging social media presence can be great for your business. Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential missteps that can also severely hurt your business.

Lewis Howes has a full list of what to avoid on social media at Entrepreneur, but here are the highlights.

Mostly, just use common sense. Post things that are interesting and grab people’s attention, but never even flirt with the line and post possibly objectionable or offensive material. The idea is not to alienate any portion of your audience. That includes staying out of possibly damaging photos.

Basically, once you connect your business to your social media profile, it is no longer yours for personal use. You are representing your business and your brand, so be smart and conduct yourself as you would with your most important clients watching.

Also, be active. Reply to those that take the time to reach out to you and reach out to others. Give credit, comment, promote and generally be a part of the social media scene. Your profile isn’t attracting anyone just sitting there, it has to be doing something.