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[INFOGRAPHIC] Quality Score

The quality score of your site is extremely important. If you’ve got a high score, Google makes it easy for your page to prosper. You’ll appear higher in search results, your ads can appear in the top, shaded region of results and it will cost you less per click of your ads.

As Neil Spencer reports for Business2Community, in order to ensure you get these advantages, you need to know how Google judges your site and how you can improve it.

Your ads should be specific and highly targeted. Google is looking for the relevance of the keywords you’ve chosen to your landing page and your ads. Also, make sure your landing page contains relevant, original content that’s updated often and is easy to navigate.

The included infographic is courtesy of DigitalNetAgency

Last week, I gave you my fundamentals for success on social media. Mark Thompson also has some fundamentals specific to your business’s Facebook page at Business2Community.

1. Facebook isn’t for sales

As I’ve discussed in this space before, Facebook doesn’t really translate directly into sales. But, it raises the awareness of your business and helps you build relationships with relevant consumers.

Users don’t log on to Facebook to shop for products, so a sales pitch isn’t going to make your page popular.

2. Build your audience

Instead of sales, focus on gaining ‘Likes’ and fans. There’s no risk involved when a user ‘Likes’ your page and its a one-step, one-button process.

Most of these users ‘Like’ your page in hopes of finding deals and special offers. Give them what they want.

Create an active community that includes you sharing entertaining and useful content and a forum for fans to gather and discuss. Unlike email, you can post multiple times a day to your Facebook page without wearing out yoour welcome with consumers.

3. Make Facebook work for you

With your content and fans in place, you now have to get something for your effort. Without being overbearing, streamline your purchase process so users can take the fewest steps possible to go from Facebook to checking out on your website.

The basic goal of marketing is getting your message seen by as many people as possible. Facebook is a great tool to accomplish just that, as long as you are using it wisely.