Location Privacy? Not By Default With Facebook


In a recent change Facebook made, posts made to the wall now have a date, time, and a location placed at the end. Something similar to “Yesterday at 11:18pm near Tulsa.” This isn’t something that everyone is exactly happy to have shared.

Facebook has a community forum that got some attention about this. On the forum there was a discussion on how to remove the links to the map and the location tags that show up on the map. The map itself is not going to go away, but you can remove the points that show up on it.

You can find all these posts on the timeline by entering the Activity Log and choosing “Posts with location” when you do a filter. Here you can see all posts that have location information and a map tag, and then remove the ones you want to using the instructions on the link.

Read more here:
Facebook Publishing Users’ Private Location Data

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