An Easy Way To Improve AdWords Conversions


One of the major elements of the sales funnel that is not often focused on enough when doing PPC work is a rather important part: the landing page. Making sure the CTR is high, the QS is appropriately high, and ad groups are separated as they should to maintain relevance – all of these are very important for any AdWords campaign. But one of the most crucial points is the landing page.

It’s one of the final points of the sales funnel and can often make or break the sale. The biggest flaw most often found in these pages is one thing: overcomplicating it. The easier it is to understand what is offered and how to get the desired objective from the landing page, the higher the conversions. By putting too much information in place, other distracting elements, multiple unnecessary exits, all of these will draw away from the focus of the objective.

The best way to handle this is to make it as easy as possible. Make it very basic, minimal steps to take, and a blatant call to action. Even if it isn’t as pretty as it could be with additional content, your chance of conversion will go up when the instructions are clear. Ideally you test each method – one with your own concept for the landing page (as complex as you’d like) and another as easy as possible. Do A/B split testing and see which one converts better; chances are the easier pathway is the better choice.

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