3 Valuable Internet Marketing Points to Focus On


With so many changes and details involved in various areas of internet marketing and SEO, it’s often easy to get lost in the quest for what information to focus on. Keyword research? Competitor tactics? The truth is that there are only a few details that are truly important to improving your ROI online.

  1. Conversion rates and goal completion – This is the one difference internet marketing has between almost every other form of marketing: the ability to track conversions down to a specific action from the source. By setting up conversion tracking in AdWords or goals inside Google Analytics, you can see exactly what on your site or advertisement is triggering actions that you want to see improved. In AdWords this means knowing where your money is showing any return based on keywords you’re bidding on. In Analytics you can see the flow of your traffic and see what parts of the site help achieve the goals you’ve set up. Not taking advantage of these tools is losing a huge benefit from your online marketing setup.
  2. Existing backlinks – This is something that will become more worth investigating as Google completes their new updates (one this upcoming weekend). Learn what and who is linking to you to anticipate potential issues you’ll have to deal with from the search engines and why you might encounter any. Are the majority of your links set up with a specific anchor text? Do you have a large amount of junk links from sketchy blog networks? If too many of your links are unnatural, it may even be in your best interest to just let go and start over with a new site. It would take less time and effort to start over and do it right. To research your backlinks you can use tools like Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer and find out what dark monsters may lurk in your web site’s closet.
  3. Visitors – In all businesses, to succeed the customer needs to be focused on. This includes any online business. One way to effectively track what people are seeing, how they’re reacting to different parts of your site and marketing plan – Google Analytics. Here you can dig down to see what pages people leave your site on (perhaps you’re missing important information they wanted to find and leave to search elsewhere), how long they stay on your site and how much they explore, and how they complete their visit. Do they just leave, or do they actually begin and complete a possible action? You can also use other metrics to learn from your visitor engagement, such as putting social media sharing options in place and seeing how much of your content is worth the trouble of sharing with others. All of these will help you learn further on how well your site connects with the visitors.

These three details are areas worth focusing on to help determine ways you can improve your site and online marketing approach. Doing this will improve your connection to your visitors and help know areas to adjust to improve sales.

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