Intro To Social Media Marketing

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If you haven’t launched a social media presence for your business or you’re getting frustrated trying to get your social media page off the ground, Miriam McNabb, a “social marketing professional” has some advice for you, as reported by Anne O’Connor at Nashoba Publishing.

First and foremost, there is very little sunk cost for social media marketing. So, you don’t need to worry that much about how to get started. It’s much more important that you simply start. Make a page on Facebook or Twitter and set aside some time to put out content. All you’ll be losing is some of your own time and effort.

Also, don’t feel guilty for bragging about your company’s achievements. Users like or follow you because they’re interested in your products or services, so tell them what you can do. If you donated something to a cause, be sure to let everyone know. If you have a special, sale or contest, get the word out and encourage your users to share with their friends.

Finally, establish yourself as an expert. I’ve talked about this particular bit of advice quite a bit and I understand it can be a little daunting. You may need to interact with users on more than just your own page, but finding questions pertaining to your business and answering them has a huge impact on how consumers view you. Twitter is an ideal forum for this, but you can accomplish it on Facebook too. So forget about your lack of expertise on social media and showcase your expertise in your field.

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