Why is PPC Lead Generation Dropping?


For internet marketing in the U.S., SEO is still the top method of generating leads. It appears now that PPC is losing its ability to do lead generation (based on the 2nd annual State of Digital Marketing survey). Both business-to-business and business-to-client industries saw a drop of 5% or more in lead generation percentages.

The cause of this is a bit controversial. It could be that PPC is becoming more difficult with the movement of more internet marketers to PPC from SEO after Google’s latest algorithm changes, being forced into other avenues of advertising. If this is the case then many businesses trying PPC for the first time may not be able to compete effectively against experienced pros and are the cause for this percentage drop in lead generation.

See more details on the survey data here:
Industry Survey: PPC Is Losing Ability To Generate Leads

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