Does Social Media Work For Businesses?

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A lot of businesses do not think they need social media or in some cases, even any online marketing. They see it as a way to talk to friends and nothing more. The thing that must be realized is that in order to properly take advantage of social media, a business will realistically need six months or more. Usually the basic level of interaction is set at 7 times of contact before business can be done, but some say as many as 21 interactions before a close can happen.

There are five good approaches to take to make sure this can happen if you want to get started in social:

  1. Put some money in to get a solid web site.
  2. Do proper keyword research.
  3. Start congregating with target customers online, learn their language, their questions.
  4. Use a blog, share your expertise there.
  5. Share all types of content, become a valuable resource for your customer base.

If you do these things, it’ll be a solid start to using social media for business in a productive way.

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When Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work for You

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