TikTok Offers Tips For Getting The Most Eyes on Your Videos

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Ever wonder why some videos perform strongly on TikTok while others struggle to get any eyes or clicks? The social video app wants to help by releasing new four specific tips for increasing your ad performance on the platform.

4 Ways To Improve Your TikTok Ad Performance

Video Resolution of At Least 720P

Having clear, high-quality video is a major component of top-performing TikTok ads, with 83.19% of the app’s highest-performing ads using a resolution of 720P or better. Specifically, TikTok says meeting this resolution benchmark is tied to seeing at least a 5.39% boost to impressions. 

Vertical Aspect Ratio

It turns out, there is a “correct” aspect ratio if you want your video ads on TikTok to succeed. Of the top-performing videos on the platform, 82.13% are filmed in a vertical aspect ratio and saw a 40.08% increase in impressions compared to horizontal or square videos. 

Include Audio

Unlike some other social platforms, the use of sound is highly important on TikTok. As such, 93.02% of the top-performing videos on the app included audio or some type, leading to a 16.05% jump in impressions. 

Notably, this is audio of any type, whether it is a spoken script, music, or another kind of audio content. 

9:16 Aspect Ratio Is Best

Making your videos for TikTok’s native aspect ratio of 9:16 looks the most professional and leads to the most impressions. According to the company’s data, 98.63% of the highest-performing videos used this specific aspect ratio and received 60.45% more impressions. 

Extra Tips for eCommerce on TikTok

Along with the above tips aimed at all brands on TikTok, the company included a few guidelines specifically for aimed at eCommerce brands:

Include an Offer

Though a shockingly low number of TikTok’s best-performing videos (3.21%) included an offer, those that did include a basic promotion saw impressions jump by 67.4%.

Include Different Angles or Settings

Editing your videos to include a number of different angles or shots has a dramatic impact on TikTok video performance. Of the best-performing videos on the platform, 99.29% made use of a range of angles or settings and saw a 40.56% increase in impressions. 

Keep Videos Accessible With Closed Captions

Closed captions do more than make your videos more accessible to all users, they also lead to more views. TikTok says 73.22% of the top videos used this feature and increased impressions by 55.68%.

To find out more, explore TikTok’s best practice guidelines available in the company’s Creative Center.

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