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Today Google announced a change that’s going to be gradually rolled out starting today, called the Knowledge Graph. This is an effort to connect more with the variety in meaning all keywords tend to have, and help people find what they’re looking for a little more easily.

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It’s surprising what being snowed in can do for your productivity over a weekend.  I’ve finished up with some changes to the site, finally added a Portfolio page and an About Us page (so you can see what my ugly mug looks like).

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More people are learning about the changes that came with the latest Google AdWords update.  One example that I think is a major one is the update combining Google AdWords with Google Local (also posted on DailySEOTip), but there are a few other changes that are visible.

One of the other changes that I haven’t touched on yet is the adding of the Google Merchant account details to AdWords ads.  This can actually add product listings into your Google AdWords ad.  Videos are also being seen inside ads, as well.

Images of all of these can be found in a post on Search Engine Land.  For a lot of people, the way to take advantage of these are very easy, and are very worthwhile.

So Google made a few major updates this last weekend to AdWords.  I manage several different accounts, so I’ve seen first-hand what kind of impact this has had.

First of all, they updated the AdWords Editor – a great tool, by the way, I highly recommend it.  You can find it here: AdWords Editor.  But yeah, they made a few tweaks, in particular I noticed changes to the Campaigns tab.  You can now affect the ad schedule from here, location changes, so forth.  And if I remember right, the “Keyword Opportunities” option in the Keywords tab is new, as well.  It’s the Google machine offering suggestions on keywords that might be relevant to your ad group.

The other big change I saw was Quality Score.  The Quality Score on a lot of my keywords dropped.  In some cases, heavily.  Google is getting tighter when it comes to looking at relevance between keywords, ads, and landing pages.  In particular, the landing page.  The average QS used to be around 7, you had to be pretty far off to drop much below that.

Well now I’m seeing an average closer to 5, and only very relevant pages are getting 7 or higher.  A page has to be completely relevant and contain a lot of solid info (as well as be on a high quality site) to get a 9 or 10 now.

Not sure how this will affect advertisers, but it may be interesting to watch.  It does mean that I’ll have to be a lot more careful with the quality of pages I point my ads to.  I recommend you do the same.

I’m updating the blog.  It’s been too long, but I thought it might be good to start adding more than ONE new post a month.  So what I’m going to do is put some posts to link to other pages I find interesting and relevant.  I’ll still add informative posts of my own, although probably not quite as often.

To distinguish between me and my linking love, I’ll keep my name on the posts that are all me, and then for the posts that are linking out to a cool piece of SEO news or something, I’m using George.  So if you see George, he’s here to tell you about some cool new post on SEO news, something Matt Cutts might have mentioned, or an adjustment to one of the algorithms in the search engines.

I’ll be posting quite a bit more (well, George will), so keep watch.