More In-Depth NFL Coverage With Twitter


There are dozens of newsworthy tidbits occuring during every NFL game, but never enough time in a typical broadcast to fit them all in. That’s where Twitter comes in for NBC’s Sunday Night Football crew and sideline reporter Michele Tafoya. 

Check the @SNFonNBC Twitter account during games this season for Tafoya’s video reports on injuries, coaches and all other sideline happenings. These video updates are filmed with, what else, an iPhone.  

“The sideline is just a unique place to be,” Tafoya says. “It’s crazy, always changing, exciting. It’s nuts, and to bring that element to the audience is just a great way to expand the whole fan experience.”

This new use of social media could add a new dimension to sports broadcasting.  Maybe it will even spark another industry to add a new use for social media to their business.

Sam Laird has more at Mashable.  

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