Increase Facebook EdgeRank – 5 Ways


Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to help determine how much visibility a post should get. There are many ways to improve a business’s page feed on Facebook to increase EdgeRank, but here are five to try that may help your page.

  1. Post photos – There are six “types” of posts: text, a photo, a link, a video, a platform post, or a question. Research has shown that of all of these, photos get the best response. Even when posting another type of information, adding a photo will increase your visibility and your EdgeRank.
  2. Create photo albums – While photos alone can do well, a full photo album can get even better response. It’s one big photo with multiple small ones underneath and can draw attention because of the visible difference in post style.
  3. Add more text – If you add enough text, a link will be displayed that says “see more”. This can help entice people to click the link and investigate further, and many people will associate content that has more time put into as higher quality, and will often share these posts more because of this.
  4. Share content outside of Facebook – When you post an image in the photos section, you can get a URL to the photo in the album page to either a photo or to the full album. Take this URL and share it on other social networks. By getting more people to interact with this album, it increases your EdgeRank and will display it to more people on Facebook.
  5. Use Post Targeting – This is something that was originally only optional to advertisers, but can now be done on any Facebook page (and it’s currently being rolled out). You can choose the demographic of your target audience, and by targeting more specifically you have a better chance of engagement with the audience.

By using these methods with your Facebook pages and posts you’ll be able to increase EdgeRank and help spread the content of your page to more people to get more visibility and attention.

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