Be Cautious With SEO Related to the London 2012 Olympics


According to rule which was passed this year in G-8 summit about Intellectual Property rights (IPR). As these day’s Olympic are in main showcase, which will be held in UK soon. Many social media sites and other gathered crowd sites have eye on it, so be alert if you are using any type of content which comes in Intellectual Property Right. The main contents comes under it are using theme patents, copyright designs etc. The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and the paralympic games (LOCOG), has its own eye on the social networking sites. In other term the word “Olympic” can not be used by any online marketing company. The trademarks and other registered themes will only be used by the journalist. This is a try to avoid the misuse of the Olympic content from the wrong people will use it for their own profits rather then in term for the well usage and appropriate information to the crowd through net.

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What You Should Know About London 2012 SEO and Marketing Campaigns – Search Engine Journal

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