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Despite public perception, web designers and developers know their job is part of a system that relies on multiple people doing their jobs to create a finished product. Web design isn’t just throwing things onto a site in away that looks pleasant and matches the subject matter.

You have to know how to make a website work in a way that users will want to use. Layout, functionality  color palette  and different features are all part of the website as a whole and a single weak part will drag down the entire thing.

That’s why most designers now rely on prototypes and wireframes to work out their designs with clients and coworkers before leaping into a full site design. With prototypes you can lay out potential site maps, application flow, and general makeup of the site without wasting countless hours building the real thing.


While you can do a lot of this type of work on pen and paper if you want, there are tools out there designed strictly to help with this process which will make your clients feel impressed by a simple idea for a webpage and showcase how the site will function.

John Conor at Designmodo collected ten of the latest and best of these tools for wireframing and prototyping. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, but that means no matter what problem you are having with brainstorming your website, you have a tool made to fit your needs.