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Think about the programs you use for design. You probably think of Photoshop, Illustrator, or one of a few prominent desktop code editors. You probably didn’t immediately think of your web browser, and the numerous online tools you can use that a large amount of your workflow relies on. While there aren’t any web based graphic design tools that rival Photoshop (yet), the same can’t be said for the code editors that developers use.

While in the past, the web was just where you went to see simple HTML and find the vast number of programs you would have to use offline, now only extremely specific things require actually installing programs. Web development is one of the few arenas that has been slow on taking up web integrated tools, but that has changed significantly over the past year.

Now, I understand anyone’s reluctance to shift from a program they have been using for years to a web based coding interface, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Online tools allow for faster and easier collaboration, and they can help keep things much more organized than the endless folders could ever do. Matt Pass breaks down why you should make the switch over at Webdesigner Depot. Change is hard, but sometimes it is very worth it.