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A do-it-yourself attitude can be great for entrepreneurs  It can save you money, as well as improving your abilities in a multitude of areas.  However, it can hurt you in the area of marketing. John Follis from Small Biz Trends offers some reasons why.

1) You Don’t Know What You Need To Learn – Anyone can read a book or two about marketing practices, but they won’t do you much good compared to those working with qualified teams or consultants. The field of marketing is massive and unless you are qualified, trying to do-it-yourself can hurt you.

2) A Business Owner Can’t Be Objective – You should care about your business. That seems obvious. The issue is, marketing relies on an unbiased perspective. Being able to identify the existing issues before a marketing campaign is essential, and practically impossible for the business owner to do without bias. Don’t take it as an insult to your abilities as a business owner. Steve Jobs faced this issue time-and-again at Apple, but he was wise enough to listen to his team of talented marketers

3) The Best Marketing Doesn’t Come Pre-Made – Every marketing guru tries to push a “sure-fire” system. They all make great sounding claims, and promise unbelievable results. They also ignore the main principle of marketing. Every business is different, and a pre-made system for marketing any business is guaranteed not to be the most effective method. Remember, the ones making money from these systems are the people selling them.

4) Great Marketing Requires Talent – Quality marketing comes from a combination of business expertise and creativity. Many forget the creative side of marketing, and focus on their knowledge of the business, but this leaves them at a disadvantage. Forgetting the creative side of marketing leaves you unable to connect with the audience in a meaningful way.

5) DIY Marketing Won’t Save You Money – This seems backwards doesn’t it? Hiring someone else should obviously cost you more than doing it yourself right? Wrong. You are only thinking about what you are spending, not what you’re getting back from spending. A good marketing campaign will make the money you spent back, plus some. The companies associated with great marketing have been doing it from the very start. Apple became known for their iconic marketing at the same time they were rising as a company. Having someone skilled handling marketing also allows you to invest your time on areas where you will be able to make meaningful improvements to your company.

Doing everything yourself is tempting, but anyone that hopes to succeed using that idea has to know their strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise, you’ll just end up making things worse for yourself.