SEO Changes; 10 Expired SEO Methods To Avoid


As Google changes their algorithm, often anyone doing SEO has to change their approach to manage SERP climbing, as well. Here is a quick list of 10 old SEO techniques that don’t have the same ability they used to:

  1. Article Submissions
  2. Press Releases Without Anything Newsworthy
  3. Reciprocal Linking, Link Exchanges
  4. Creating Thin Content
  5. Losing a Voice to Automation
  6. Ignoring Social Signals
  7. Implementing Tactics Without a Strategy (applies to 1-6 above)
  8. Focus on Rankings
  9. Focusing on Google Only
  10. Ignoring Design

All of these are tempting tactics that used to be effective (in some cases, things you could get away with). Now these are things that can’t be counted on in the same way.

For more details on each point, check out the article linked below, by Greg Habermann.

Read the full article here:
10 Old SEO Methods You Need to Stop

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