I saw it – and it was good. It really was pretty good. They covered quite a bit in an hour, about the development of the company, how it got started, the main people involved. What impressed me was their coverage of some technical details (cloud computing, PageRank) while still keeping it easy to understand.

Naturally, the part I liked quite a bit was their coverage of AdWords.  According to CNBC, Google makes 98% of their profit from AdWords, although I’ve heard differently.  I don’t know for sure what percentage of their profits comes from AdWords – but right now, they’re averaging over 4 billion dollars a year.  They’re doing okay with it.

They did talk briefly about AdWords, talked about how anyone can advertise, and touched on how it operates.  They mentioned PageRank and how it affects positioning for ads (and how quality of a site affects it), but that was about it.  It was impressive coverage for the limited time they had.

They did also talk about Google Goggles – the funny thing was that they mentioned it probably wasn’t ready to go into production for a while.  But they did go live a few days ago – guess it’s in beta.  Although that’s a safe bet for anything Google.

Hopefully this publicity from “Inside the Mind of Google” is something that works out for them.  I really want to believe that they have truly good intentions, and that all of their machinations are to enhance the lives of their customers.  We’ll see what kind of responses come from this extra bit of attention.

Okay, this is just cool.  I found this a little bit ago, and the concept is pretty solid.  I’ve always wanted something similar to this to be able to do searches on certain things that I couldn’t really vocalize into text, and this looks like it might do the trick.

It only appears to work for the Android phone (for now), and who knows how effective it really is – but if it’s all that Google says it’s supposed to be, this will be awesome.

They have a nice video demonstration.  Check it out!  Google Goggles.  (Or if you don’t want to bother clicking, see it below.)