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Bloggers are always talking about untapped methods of raising click-through rates and positions in rankings. They aren’t always as untapped as the writers make them seem, but the advice offered within their articles is usually solid. That’s the case with Chris Silver Smith’s list of semantic markups that can be added to pages.

Semantic markups are a way to increase the odds that information from a site will be highlighted on search engine result pages through the use of rich snippets. This increases visibility, and helps gain attention and click-throughs.

Semantic mark-ups most likely won’t directly improve your rankings on searches, there is quite a bit of evidence that they do increase click-through rates, because customers are more attracted to your listing. The average increase is supposedly 15-percent.

A raise in click-throughs can improve rankings over time because click-throughs do help determine rankings, so that alone is a great reason to start adding them to your websites.

Semantic mark-ups might not be the esoteric idea Smith presents them as, they will undoubtably help almost any page that adds them. They optimize for all of the most popular search engines, and they will benefit your site overall.

New data from ad network Chitika compares click through rates (CTRs) and query lengths on the different desktop and mobile browsers among the millions of impressions on their network. The results show Opera browser users as the highest demographic of click-through’s compared to other browser users.

Generally, Opera users are considered to be more tech savvy, so it is interesting that they would have the highest CTR rate. The second highest demographic are mobile Safari users.

Greg Sterling from Marketing Land has all the data from the report for more information.