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Google Finally Shuts Down The Google My Business App

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Google My Business is officially gone, as the GMB mobile app has finally stopped functioning.

Pinterest Launches 4 New Features To Promote Products and Online Stores

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Pinterest is angling to make itself the leading social network for e-commerce activity with a slew of new features and advancements for shopping.
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Google Clarifies Googlebot Doesn't Always Crawl Entire Webpages

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In an update to the help documentation for Googlebot, the search engine’s crawling tool, Google explained it will only crawl the first 15 MB of any webpage. Anything after this initial 15 MBs will not influence your webpage’s rankings. As…

Google Shares 8 SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites

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Google’s own Alan Kent has produced a short video full of SEO tips specifically for ecommerce sites
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The Top Google Searches From The U.S. and Worldwide

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Have you ever wondered what the most searched keywords and phrases on Google are? We've got the full lists for the U.S. and abroad here.

Twitter Test Long-Form Content With 'Notes'

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After expanding its character limit for tweets a few years ago, Twitter is testing a new feature called Notes that lets users ditch character limits altogether. The company…
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TikTok Reveals Its Future Plans For Ads, Shopping, and More

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A recent event gives insight into what TikTok hopes to achieve in the coming months,.

Leaked Facebook Memo Reveals Major Changes Coming To The Main Feed

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Facebook is preparing for a major overhaul of its main feed to turn it into a “discovery engine” geared towards video content,
Removed Online Reviews

How To Get a Google Review Removed Online

Google can remove reviews for your business if they break the company’s policies and guidelines, including deceptive, explicit, or irrelevant content.