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Google Experiments With Endorsing GMB Listings With "Google Guaranteed"

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Google appears to be testing the idea of “upgrading” Google My Business profiles with a special “Google Guaranteed” badge for a $50 monthly fee.

Top 100 YouTube Searches Reveal Changing Interests

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A new analysis of YouTube’s top 100 search terms of the year reveals more than just the most popular channels - it shows a subtle change to how users are engaging with the platform
Google Search Rankings

What Being In The Top Spot on Google Means In 2020

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A lot has changed at Google over the past few years, but one thing remains the same - the majority of people will click the top link on any search result page.

Pinterest Mixes Up Content In Users' Feeds With New Ranking System

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Pinterest is making some big changes to its ranking algorithm to ensure users see a variety of content in their home feed.

Surprise! Self-Serve TikTok Ads Are Now Available Globally

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Brands around the world can now easily advertise on one of the fastest growing social networks, as TikTok announced this week it is rolling out its new self-serve advertising service to all.  With the new service, advertisers in every…

What is CCPA and Does It Apply To You?

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The CCPA or California Consumer Privacy Act is a law recently enacted in California which extends privacy protections for residents.

Advertisers Boycott Facebook Ads In Push For Content Reform

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A growing number of brands are hitting pause on their Facebook ads for the month of July as part of the Stop Hate for Profit boycott.  The advertisers, including some of the biggest brands on earth like Coca-Cola, Pfizer, and Unilever,…

People Are Spending More Time With LinkedIn Content Since Lockdown

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LinkedIn has seen a swell of new content creation, consumption, and engagement this year, as many work to make the most of the recent months of lockdowns and reduced business.

Google Makes New "Promoted Pins" Ads Free Through September

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Google is launching a new way to promote your brand with smart campaigns in Google Maps called Promoted Pins - and they are free for advertisers through September.  Until the end of September 2020, advertisers running smart campaigns…