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Google's Page Experience Ranking Update Is Coming To Desktop After All

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Google’s upcoming Page Experience ranking update - initially believed to be exclusive to mobile search - will also be coming to desktop search results in the future.
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Leaked Previews Detail The Upcoming Twitter Paid Subscription Service

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New data extracted from the Twitter app gives us the clearest picture so far of what the company’s upcoming subscription service will look like.

YouTube Community Posts Get Analytics, iOS Scheduling, and More

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YouTube is launching a series of new features which aim to make community posts more engaging and give creators data on how their community posts are performing.
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Get The Google Web Stories Playbook For Driving Engagement and Revenue With Snackable Content

As Google continues to promote its latest content format - Google Web Stories - the company is trying to help brands learn everything they can about the format, including how to use Web Stories to drive engagement and even revenue.  To…

Microsoft Advertising Moves To Treat Phrase Match Similarly To Google Ads

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Microsoft Advertising announced this week that it will soon start including broad match ad targeting for campaigns using phrase matching.  The change will occur “mid-May” and is aimed to “simplify keywords and improve your relevancy…

Pinterest Search Trends Reveal What Post-Pandemic Marketing May Look Like

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Pinterest's latest search trends report shows people are itching to get out, dress their best, book the vacation of their lifetime, and improve their homes.

Google Removes 40 BILLION Spam Pages Every Day

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Google’s latest webspam report for 2020 says the search engine detected more than 40 billion pages of spam every day last year - a 60% increase from the year before.

Facebook Wants Your Opinion About Its Content

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Facebook is making some changes to its news feeds to create a better user experience. Before it can, though, the company is seeking feedback.

Microsoft Reveals Several New Search And Ad Features

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Microsoft announced the upcoming release of a wide range of features, technologies, and advertising tools for brands at this week’s Microsoft Advertising Elevate conference.