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Google's Page Experience Update Arrives To Desktop Search Algorithm

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Google has confirmed that it is “slowly” rolling out the Page Experience update for desktop search results.

Tailor Your Message For Every Lead With Dynamic Descriptions From Microsoft Ads

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Microsoft Ads is launching a new feature that allows advertisers to dynamically tailor their ad messages to viewers
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Exploring The 3 Top Priorities For Google Ads in 2022

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Google Ads Vice President, Jerry Dischler, recently gave all of us a glimpse into the company's roadmap for 2022 by detailing three top priorities for the company this year: automation, measurement, and privacy.

Google's Advice To Small Companies Competing Against Big Brands

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Google Search Advocate John Mueller explains how small companies can turn the tides against bigger, more established brands.

YouTube Teases New Features Coming in 2022

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YouTube is previewing its latest upcoming features for users, creators, and brands in a new blog post shared by the company’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan.

After Historic Stock Losses, Facebook Plans To Challenge TikTok Head On

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After suffering a massive drop in stock values earlier this week, Facebook is planning to pivot more towards being a short-form video platform.

Explaining How Google Maps Reviews Work

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Google explains what goes into reviewing and moderating Google Maps reviews to ensure consumers can rely on them to give an accurate view of local brands.

Google Says 90% of Consumers Will Give You Their Email Address For The Right Incentive

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A new study indicates that 90% of consumers are willing to give brands their email addresses, so long as there is an incentive.

Instagram Adds New Ways To Remix Videos and Promote Live Streams

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As part of its ongoing effort to expand its video capabilities, Instagram says it is introducing new ways to promote and remix videos on the platform.