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Brittany Murphy and... SEO?

Be wary of pages who use news events such as the report on Brittany Murphy to lure you to pages that can infect you with malware.

Google New Year Easter Egg

Google does sneaky things sometimes. Easter eggs on sites can be cool.

Do Reciprocal Links Work?

Reciprocal linking used to work well. I'm testing to see if there are special cases where it can still work.

Nasty YARPP Bug Fixed

I had a YARPP bug someone apparently exploited. It has been resolved. I am victorious.

Google's Christmas Present

Google is giving back for the holidays in 2009.

The Death of SEO, as Predicted 12 Years Ago

There are always questions on how effective SEO is. Is SEO dead? Dying? Some well-known voices have an opinion.

5 SEO Tips for E-Commerce

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E-commerce sites can be tricky to do SEO for, but there are some basics to doing it well. Here are 5 tips to use for e-commerce SEO.

Power of Suggestion on Google's Search Line

Google suggests things for you as you type. But you can find search strings more powerfully, if you know how.

Facebook's New Privacy Settings

Is info in your Facebook account visible to the public? Find out how to check, and how to change it if you need to.