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Web Site Speed is New SEO Element

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Search engines are now looking at efficiency of web site loading. Find out why and how to fix it.

Google's April Fools Pranks for 2010

Google may or may not do 2010 April Fools pranks. But if they don't, there are some nice advances for the day.

SEO Shortcuts Don't Always Work

Using old SEO methods? Be careful, they may not be as effective as they were before.

Google Bookmarking With Stars

Now if you'd like to favorite some pages within the search engine to come up more often, you can.

Google Could Do Better At SEO

Google's very stringent on quality of SEO. Even for quality checking themselves.

The Microsoft IE Monopoly Comes To An End

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The default browser installation for most PC users was Microsoft Internet Explorer. As of today, that is no more.

Domain Typos Can Be Worth A Lot

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Typing in a domain incorrectly happens a lot. There are people who make good money from it.

Microsoft and Yahoo Join Forces for PPC Advertising

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Pay per click and search in Yahoo will be controlled by Microsoft engines now, and they're joining up for advertising online.

Google Does SEO?

Google's approach to SEO is constantly changing, and lately they've given a new element to their stance on it.